Friday, June 19, 2009

More new pics!

Ok first things first.

CLEANING TIP: The first pic shows my stainless steel sink. The bowl on the left I cleaned with Borax and the one on the right shows how stained it was. Pretty disgusting I know but its a good cleaning tip and I didn't have to scrub that hard. It looks like a brand new sink. I have tried Borax on the bathtub as well and it gets all the soap scum off.

The grapes in June.

These tigerlilies started to bloom. I thought they were dead. We planted them 2-3 years ago.

Here's my glads. I must have at least 8 of them blooming right now.

I planted some bulbs a year ago and thought they were not going to come up but they did. Don't ask me what this is though. Some type of lillies.

Here is Roxy and Penny playing in the kitchen. Ain't they cute?

First batch of blueberries. I put a nickel in the bucket so you could see how big they are.

and finally here is potato leek soup I made on 6/9. It was so good but I need to cut the recipe in half next time. We were eating this for three days straight and I even was eating it for lunch. Love the soup but not that much :)

Pictures of the garden in May

Here are some pictures of some of the plants we have in the garden. These were taken in May so they are a lot bigger now...

These are really really tiny itty bitty grapes. See them?

These are the tomato plants, just blossoms no tomatoes yet.
Here are the blueberries. I am now picking them.

This is one of the raspberries.

Baby Cabbages...


Jerusalum artichokes.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My time off

I had such a great three days off! On Monday I worked on piecing together a couple of quilt tops. I didnt get finished with them but I worked on them ;) Tuesday DH had off and we weeded the garden and went out for supper. Then on Wednesday I decided I had had enough of being at home and went shopping. I stopped at the Hobby Lobby to get some more soap fixings for DH and bought some "other things" for me. Yes DH is making soap. I got him a soap maker (it just heats up the glycerin base) and molds so he has something to do on rainy days. I told him he needed a rainy day hobby mostly because I have lots of crafts to do and some I have to concentrate on and I just cant listen to him talk about work all

After going to Hobby Lobby I was sooooo hungry I decided to stop in at Dreamland for a salad and iced tea BY MYSELF! Yes I sat there BY MYSELF and ate my lunch. I wasnt the only one there sitting BY MYSELF though. I think if there are any single women reading this they should definitely go to Dreamland at around 1 pm. There are some older gentleman who eat there around this time. They are probably engineers from the Arsenal. Oh that salad was soooo good. I got their smaller salad half chicken and half pork. Iced tea was very good too.

Then I stopped at Kroger cause I had run out of laundry soap. Got the soap and went around to the meat department but didnt see DH. He told me later he was probably back in the cooler or unloading a truck. He hates the cooler and freezer. All in all I had a very nice day. Came home did some laundry and knitted. Who could ask for more?

Then Thursday and Friday and today I am typing, typing and typing. These docs just need to see less people or not see them everyday at least :)

Well I need to get back to typing so take care for now.