Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Some news...

Some good and some not good.

First the bad news.  We lost a chicken last Wednesday.  She hadn't been feeling good and wasn't eating or drinking much and had taken to sleeping all day in the coop.  We were concerned as she seemed to be going downhill fast.  Since she seemed to be cold, we brought her out in the sunshine for some warmth and talked and petted her.  Lucy passed just a few minutes after we had gone inside.  We buried her beside Molly underneath the butterfly bush.  She was the most tame and my hubby's favorite.  She was three years old and actually we weren't as upset as we thought we would be about her death.  She had a good life.  We'll miss her but this is farming...

RIP Lucy 

Now for some good news...cause life goes on.

We made the final payment for our little cabin.  Emanuel was putting on the roof this week and wanted to get the windows and doors in too that day.  Looks like he might be finished next week.  We'll need to go look at it and call the guy to move it.  We finished cutting up the limbs and stacked the wood last week and got the pad for the cabin all leveled out.  Next up, saving money for the well...and then the stove and then......well you get the idea ;)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pictures of the cabin

Remember this?  Well guess what we chopped down a persimmon tree.  Didn't realize it until the following week when we went back and saw the little persimmons on the branches we had stacked...Oh well, there's still a couple more persimmons in there.  Does anyone know whether you can burn persimmon wood?  Is it considered hardwood or soft wood?

Here is our little cabin two weeks ago.  This is the porch on the front.

Here is the inside looking from the front door.

Here you are looking from where we are going to put our bed to the front door.  Kinda looks small huh?  It's only 12 x 26 with a 6 foot porch.  I think we might have to add on to it...:)

Here is the gravel we had delivered.  This is the spot where the cabin will go.  It slopes a lot in the back so hopefully the gravel will even up the grade a little.

And here is the other half of the gravel load.  We got 28 ton of gravel and will have to get another load later on.  This is the road that will lead to our chicken and sheds and later on a barn.

Love those trees!

This is a shot of the cabin last week.  He had started putting on the siding.  He'll stain it and then put on the roof.  His farm is in the background.  They use a gas powered generator to cut the wood.  No electricity since they're Amish.

Here is a shot of the front porch and on the side you can see the back door.

Here is the inside looking from the front door to the back.

Here's a shot from the back to the front.  DH is trying to figure out where we'll put the hole for the wood stove.  Is it me or does it seem to be getting smaller?  Remember we still have to put in a kitchen and bathroom in here...

I'll post more pics as the weeks go by.  We're hoping to have the cabin in place before the snow flies.