Thursday, August 7, 2014

If I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all

I got back from PA and first thing I checked on the animals.  The chickens were highly upset, one was on the fence, one was running around, one had blood on her head and yes one was dead in the coop. There was a big hole in the screen on the window.  I cleaned it all up, closed the window until I could get some hardware cloth on it.  Two of the chickens were pecking at the one with blood on her head (Katie) so I left her out of the pen.  My cats looked like they had lost weight, not a good thing for the 16 year old.  I fed everyone including myself and had a nap.  That night I had to pick up Martha and actually put her into the coop.  Katie I left out and she headed to the woods and slept there overnight.

The next day I got up and found Martha dead in the coop.  The weasel which is what I thought it was had ripped open the little metal air flow screen on the back of the coop.  Esther was really upset.  I let Katie back in the pen so her and Esther could be together.  Cleaned up the coop again, got the hardware cloth out and sealed all the openings with it.  I figured that the remaining chickens would do better on their own out in the woods for the night so let them go.  In the middle of the night I heard Esther screaming, I grabbed my flashlight and saw her running for the opposite side of the road.  I walked out over to the coop and there underneath one of the trees were these little red beady eyes looking at me...yep a weasel.  Evil little thing. I told it to leave my chickens alone.  I would have gotten my gun out and shot it but it's not a good idea to shoot if you can't see where your bullet might end up.

The next day Katie showed up but Esther didn't.  So now I have one chicken who sleeps in the woods at night and is under the pine tree by the front door during the day.  I think she's lonely for another chicken.  I hate to give her away cause she is part of the family.  The cats look for her every morning.  Every time I go out the door there she is clucking at me.  I suppose I could get another chicken.

I called a well drilling company before my dad died and found out that my land is not wide enough for their equipment so yes you guessed it, I can't get a well dug.  If I can't get a well, I can't get the sewage permit so I can get electricity.  Catch 22.  So now I'm looking for another place to live cause without water there's no sense in even putting any money into this place.

On a better note, I got the AL house listed yesterday.  Yipee!  Can't wait until it's sold so I don't have to pay any more on it.  When it's sold, I'll start saving that money for a new place.  I have to keep thinking good thoughts.

Hope to post more in the future and it will be good news...I hope