Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Splenda - not so good for you

  • In recent tests, water samples from US water treatment plants discovered that the artificial sweetener sucralose (Splenda) is a widespread contaminant in both source water and treated water

  • Sucralose is a persistent contaminant as it is not broken down by the chemical water treatment process

  • Previous research has shown that sucralose can destroy up to 50 percent of beneficial intestinal bacteria (probiotics), which are essential for general health and a strong immune system

  • Sucralose is chemically closer to DDT and Agent Orange than it is to sugar

  • Splenda is known to cause a multitude of detrimental side effects in certain people, including allergic reactions and neurological dysfunction
  • My first giveaway!!!!

    I was contacted a week and a half ago by Liz from  She wanted to know if I would be interested in having a giveaway of their digital scrapbooking software.  They gave me a copy to review and now I get to give away a copy to you!  This giveaway is open to anyone anywhere because you will download your copy from their site if you win.  (please go to their site to see how much space you need on your computer for this software)  It works for both Microsoft PC's and Mac's.

    Now I must admit I'm not into scrapbooking but I thought what the heck...I always am up for free anything :) so I downloaded my My Memories Suite V2 from their site.  It didnt take long to download and when I opened it up I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to navigate.  You can not only make a scrapbook using pics on your computer but there are other options as well, calendars, videos, etc.  I decided to try to make just one scrapbook page since I was strapped for time.  I opened a template up and dragged and dropped my pics.  It also has an option for embellishments and I tried that out too.  Very easy and here is the page I made.  See what you think:

    OK, OK I did say I was strapped for time I will make a page with all human pics LOL.  But you get the idea.  The software has many, many templates to play with and when you sign up for emails from the company, the emails have free templates you can download!  Very cool.  I can see Christmas gifts coming from this one :)

    So here is your chance to win this free software. 

    There is a chance for you to get up to three entries in the giveaway by just doing the following:

    1.  Become a follower of my blog or let me know you already are a follower
    2. Go to the My Memories site and tell me what your favorite templates are and sign up for their free newsletter filled with free templates, tips and tricks on using their software.
    3.  Blog about the giveaway.  Let me know your blog address so I can check it out.

    I will pick a winner on October 5th so enter as soon as you can cause that's only a week! also said that I could offer all my readers/friends $10 off if you decide to purchase My Memories Suite V2 ( and $10 coupon for any purchases from My Memories store. 
    Cut and paste this code at checkout to get your discount STMMMS94069

    * I will get a referral fee everytime someone uses the code above.  Just thought you should know.


    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    Keep Monsanto's sweet corn off your plate

    Subject: Keep Monsanto's sweet corn off your plate

    This fall, Monsanto, the corporation who produces roughly 90% of the world's genetically modified seeds, will try to bring their new, GMO sweet corn to a grocery store aisle or farmer's market near you.

    Unlike Monsanto's other GMO crops -- which are primarily fed to animals -- this sweet corn is intended for direct human consumption.

    This is the first time Monsanto has engineered a vegetable that could be served straight to your dinner table. And if this unlabeled, and potentially toxic crop succeeds, Monsanto is sure to bring us even more.

    As an activist and consumer, we are in a powerful position to pressure leading U.S. grocery stores to reject Monsanto's new GMO corn.

    I just signed a petition telling major grocery stores around the country that I don't want Monsanto's sweet corn on the shelves. Will you join me and help stop this unsafe food?

    Friday, September 16, 2011

    And something funny to watch

    After all the serious stuff I've been posting lately thought you might enjoy this:

    California vaccine law

    This video is about a law they are trying to pass in California to vaccinate children without their parents knowledge or consent.  If it can happen there, other states will follow. 

    I dont have children but this still makes me mad...

    Saturday, September 10, 2011

    NIA New Email - 9/9/11

    The Truth About Obama's Jobs Bill

    On Thursday evening, President Obama gave a speech to a joint session of Congress discussing the jobs situation here in America. The purpose of Obama's speech was to convince the American public and their elected representatives in Washington to support Obama's new $447 billion 'American Jobs Act', which has a cost that is 49% larger than the $300 billion act most people were expecting. NIA believes this bill will do nothing to reduce unemployment in America and that it is nothing but another stimulus bill in disguise that will add to our budget deficits.

    Obama's bill proposes a $4,000 per employee tax credit for businesses that hire somebody who was previously unemployed for 6 months or more, at a cost of $8 billion. At the same time, Obama wants to extend emergency unemployment compensation (EUC), which allows Americans who have exhausted standard unemployment benefits that last for 26 weeks to continue receiving them for between 20 and 53 additional weeks. EUC benefits are set to expire at the end of 2011 and continuing them through the end of 2012 will cost U.S. taxpayers $49 billion.

    It is totally absurd for Obama to give employers money to attempt to hire people he is simultaneously paying to stay out of work. What makes this even more outrageous is that employers have an incentive not to hire recently laid off workers, when only those unemployed for 6 months or more will bring them a $4,000 check. If this bill is passed it will make the unemployment situation in America far worse than it already is.

    NIA has heard from members who own farms and have positions on their farms available, but can't find anybody interested in working for them and filling the available positions. Every time they hire somebody to work on their farm, the worker purposely does a poor job and tries to get fired. Their sole purpose of getting a job is to convince their local unemployment agency that they are trying to find employment so that they can keep receiving unemployment benefits, when in reality they are trying to take advantage of the system.

    Obama is right that any future recovery will be driven by our businesses and our workers, but if Washington wants to make a positive difference the only step it should take to improve our people's lives, is get out of their lives. It is impossible for any piece of legislation including Obama's 'American Jobs Act', to improve the employment situation here in America. Obama needs to remove any government programs already in place that interfere with the free market. NIA believes that if the U.S. eliminated all unemployment benefits and also got rid of the minimum wage, it would cause the unemployment rate to return to healthy levels.

    U.S. employees earning up to $106,800 annually currently pay a 4.2% payroll tax that is scheduled to revert back to 6.2% in 2012. Obama not only doesn't want employee payroll taxes to raise back up to the historical level of 6.2%, which went into effect in 1990, but he wants to further reduce them to 3.1% for 2012. The annual cost of this employee payroll tax reduction is estimated to be $175 billion. In an attempt to help small businesses, Obama also wants to cut employer side payroll taxes in half from 6.2% to 3.1% on the first $5 million of payroll, while eliminating employer side payroll taxes for new hires. The annual cost of this employer side payroll tax reduction is estimated to be $65 billion.

    NIA believes all payroll taxes should be eliminated. Americans who make payroll tax payments today are paying for other Americans to receive entitlement programs that they will never receive. Social Security and Medicare are already on the verge of insolvency. By the end of this decade, NIA believes Americans receiving Social Security checks will be receiving checks that don't have any purchasing power and aren't worth cashing. Americans would be much better off if they were able to use the money they currently spend on payroll taxes to accumulate physical silver instead. Only Americans with enough savings in physical gold and silver will be able to retire in the future.

    Obama's bill also provides $35 billion in state and local government aid, $50 billion in infrastructure repairs, $10 billion for a national infrastructure bank, $30 billion for school modernization and repairs, and $15 billion in housing expenditures. Unfortunately, the jobs Obama's bill will create for construction workers, teachers, veterans, and the long-term unemployed, are only temporary jobs that will vanish after the bill expires, and the money printed to pay these workers will steal from the purchasing power of American workers who already have jobs today. There is no doubt about it that America's infrastructure is decaying and we need to build new roads and bridges, but this is something that we can't afford to do until we return to an economy that is based on production instead of consumption.

    We need to return to a trade surplus and begin paying off our debt before we can afford to make investments into infrastructure. China can afford to build newer airports and faster railroads because they have a $254 billion trade surplus and $3.2 trillion in foreign exchange reserves that they are better off spending on infrastructure improvements than keeping parked in U.S. dollars that will soon be worthless.

    Obama says that everything in his bill will be paid for, but NIA wonders how? The government is claiming this isn't another stimulus bill and Obama didn't mention the word stimulus once during his speech. The truth is, NIA believes all of the measures in this bill will have to be paid for by borrowing and printing money, which will increase our budget deficit, expand the money supply, and lead to massive price inflation.

    The jolt that Obama is trying to give to the economy he admits has stalled, is the same economy he tried to jolt with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which put the U.S. $787 billion deeper into debt. NIA said at the time this stimulus bill was passed that when it failed to produce the results the government said it would, instead of admitting that stimulating the economy failed and reversing course, they will say the stimulus didn't work because it wasn't big enough and attempt to pass further stimulus bills by making new false promises.

    Obama is lying to the public just like Congress recently did in regards to its bill to raise the debt ceiling. Congress deceived Americans into believing that in return for raising the debt ceiling so that the government can continue operating as it is today, "spending cuts" would be made to lower future budget deficits. These so called "spending cuts" turned out to be minor reductions to very large spending increases, with even these minor reductions not beginning until early 2013. Government spending is set to rise every single year until the dollar doesn't have any purchasing power left.

    Obama said in his speech last night that, "while corporate profits have come roaring back, smaller companies haven't." The reason this is true is only the largest banks and the companies they do business with have direct access to the Federal Reserve's cheap and easy money. If the Fed didn't bail out all of the banks on Wall Street that made risky leveraged up bets with other people's money for the sole purpose of paying their employees huge bonuses, smaller banks would have acquired their assets in bankruptcy court for pennies on the dollar and be prospering today. Instead, small banks that made sound decisions were punished for doing the right thing. The Fed has made it even more difficult than ever for them to compete with the large banks that should be out of business.

    If the Fed and Treasury didn't bail out Wall Street, the world wouldn't have come to an end like former-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson conned everybody into believing. The truth is, we would be better off today because the bad assets would have been liquidated. The bad assets that caused the financial crisis of late-2008/early-2009 still exist today. The main difference between back then and now is, the size of the Fed's balance sheet has doubled to $2.862 trillion due to the toxic assets they purchased, and the world is now flooded with excess liquidity of U.S. dollars.

    It is impossible for the U.S. not to feel the consequences of the money we squandered fighting wasteful wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and maintaining military bases all around the world. It is impossible for the U.S. not to feel the devastating effects of interest rates that have been left artificially low for way too long. When you have an artificial boom, that boom will eventually go bust and the more that is done to prop a phony economy up that is built on U.S. consumers spending money they don't have, the harder the economy will fall in terms of high unemployment, high inflation, and a total lack of purchasing power that will cause a permanent decline in the U.S. standard of living.

    The fact that Obama felt the need to demand that Congress pass his bill 17 times in 1 speech, shows that nothing positive will come out of this bill for the average American citizen. The only people who will benefit from this bill are bankers on Wall Street who are in line to earn huge fees on the infrastructure deals that get funded by the new national infrastructure bank. While the official U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) unemployment rate in August was 9.1%, down from its peak in October of 2009 of 10.1%, the real rate of unemployment including both short and long-term discouraged workers is now 22.8%, up from 22% in October of 2009 and a new high since the Great Depression in 1933. By further impeding the free market, Obama's bill will further misallocate what little resources Americans still have left before hyperinflation arrives.
    It is important to spread the word about NIA to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, if you want America to survive hyperinflation. Please tell everybody you know to become members of NIA for free immediately at:

    National Inflation Association | 96 Linwood Plaza #172 | Fort Lee, NJ 07024


    Friday, September 9, 2011

    Jobs plan

    How can you pay for something when you cut the taxes that actually pay for it?  And how is this not going to raise the deficit?  Apparently he doesnt do his own taxes or anything to do with math.  Sorry if you are an Obama lover but politicians are politicians and even if you love him or hate him you have to admit he's still a politician and is just saying what we want to hear so he can get elected again.  It's what they all do...

    What they really need to do is to get rid of some of the regs they have for businesses so that they can actually make a little money by hiring Americans instead of going overseas, not all of them just some of them.  I like how he said that dismantling the government couldnt be done.  Government is too big, let the states decide how they want to run their own states.  Our founding fathers did not want big government.  They just came from the biggest government, England, and did not want to have a king.  Guess we are trying to go back to that though.


    FACT CHECK: Obama's jobs plan paid for? Seems not

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama's promise Thursday that everything in his jobs plan will be paid for rests on highly iffy propositions.
    It will only be paid for if a committee he can't control does his bidding, if Congress puts that into law and if leaders in the future — the ones who will feel the fiscal pinch of his proposals — don't roll it back.
    Underscoring the gravity of the nation's high employment rate, Obama chose a joint session of Congress, normally reserved for a State of the Union speech, to lay out his proposals. But if the moment was extraordinary, the plan he presented was conventional Washington rhetoric in one respect: It employs sleight-of-hand accounting.
    A look at some of Obama's claims and how they compare with the facts:

    OBAMA: "Everything in this bill will be paid for. Everything."

    THE FACTS: Obama did not spell out exactly how he would pay for the measures contained in his nearly $450 billion American Jobs Act but said he would send his proposed specifics in a week to the new congressional supercommittee charged with finding budget savings. White House aides suggested that new deficit spending in the near-term to try to promote job creation would be paid for in the future — the "out years," in legislative jargon — but they did not specify what would be cut or what revenues they would use.
    Essentially, the jobs plan is an IOU from a president and lawmakers who may not even be in office down the road when the bills come due. Today's Congress cannot bind a later one for future spending. A future Congress could simply reverse it.
    Currently, roughly all federal taxes and other revenues are consumed in spending on various federal benefit programs, including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, veterans' benefits, food stamps, farm subsidies and other social-assistance programs and payments on the national debt. Pretty much everything else is done on credit with borrowed money.
    So there is no guarantee that programs that clearly will increase annual deficits in the near term will be paid for in the long term.

    OBAMA: "Everything in here is the kind of proposal that's been supported by both Democrats and Republicans, including many who sit here tonight."

    THE FACTS: Obama's proposed cut in the Social Security payroll tax does seem likely to garner significant GOP support. But Obama proposes paying for the plan in part with tax increases that have already generated stiff Republican opposition.
    For instance, Obama makes a pitch anew to end Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, which he has defined as couples earning over $250,000 a year or individuals earning over $200,000 a year. Republicans have adamantly blocked what they view as new taxes. As recently as last month, House Republicans refused to go along with any deal to raise the government's borrowing authority that included new revenues, or taxes.

    OBAMA: "It will not add to the deficit."

    THE FACTS: It's hard to see how the program would not raise the deficit over the next year or two because most of the envisioned spending cuts and tax increases are designed to come later rather than now, when they could jeopardize the fragile recovery. Deficits are calculated for individual years. The accumulation of years of deficit spending has produced a national debt headed toward $15 trillion. Perhaps Obama meant to say that, in the long run, his hoped-for programs would not further increase the national debt, not annual deficits.

    OBAMA: "The American Jobs Act answers the urgent need to create jobs right away."

    THE FACTS: Not all of the president's major proposals are likely to yield quick job growth if adopted. One is to set up a national infrastructure bank to raise private capital for roads, rail, bridges, airports and waterways. Even supporters of such a bank doubt it could have much impact on jobs in the next two years because it takes time to set up. The idea is likely to run into opposition from some Republicans who say such a bank would give the federal government too much power. They'd rather divide money among existing state infrastructure banks.
    Associated Press writer Joan Lowy contributed to this report.

    Thursday, September 8, 2011

    Ancestor diets

  • Our ancestors ate nearly four times the amount of vegetables and fruits as we do today

  • In ancient times fruits were higher in antioxidant content because they were smaller, like blueberries, with more skin, which is where the antioxidants are located

  • The modern American diet has substituted cereal grains for fruits and vegetables, lowering antioxidant intake significantly

  • Interesting huh?

    Cute robot quilt for little boys!

    NIA New Email - 9/7/11

    Obama Preparing for Martial Law During Hyperinflation
    In August of 2009, the city of Paterson, New Jersey, proposed the implementation of martial law by imposing an adult curfew at night in an attempt to curb violence. This unprecedented proposed ordinance would have made it illegal for adults to leave their homes and be out in the public in Paterson between the hours of 12AM and 7AM, with a penalty of up to a $2,000 fine and 90 days in jail. This ordinance would have been completely unconstitutional, especially being that it was a non-emergency situation.
    NIA actually determined that violence in the city was down that year and trending downward over the previous few years. We thought for sure that there was more to the story than what was being reported by the mainstream media, so we traveled to Paterson City Hall and attempted to interview then-Mayor Joey Torres on camera. The mayor turned down the interview and refused to answer our questions even off camera.
    As we left the mayor's office, we met a city employee who overheard our conversation and introduced us to then-City Council President Jeffery Jones, who agreed to an interview and invited us into his office. Jones explained to us that he is the City Council President and the first time he ever heard of this proposal was from the Associated Press, after Torres already announced it on the steps of the police department saying, "we're trying to think outside the box" in regards to solving crime issues. Jones expressed disbelief that the mayor would want to lock down an entire city including the people who aren't committing crimes. He was also surprised that the AP already had a list of the 30 shootings that occurred in the city during the previous year, when this was undisclosed information that even he didn't have at the time.
    Jones was flabbergasted that this ordinance was even being considered since it completely lacked logic. He said that in the past before any other ordinances were publicly announced by the mayor, there would always be a comprehensive discussion about it between local government officials. Not only was there no discussion about it, but Torres hastily added it to the City Council's agenda for a vote at their very next meeting. Jones was perplexed not just by the total lack of discussion and rush to get it passed, but by the total lack of details in the ordinance regarding the roles of departments, agencies, and the police department's capacity to do the work. Using common sense, Jones said that if the police department had the capacity to enforce the ordinance, we wouldn't even be discussing it.
    NIA agreed with Jones that if the police department couldn't prevent the 30 shootings from taking place in the city, there is no way on earth that it will have the ability to enforce an ordinance keeping 146,199 residents in their homes at night. Torres must have known that and must have also known that proposing this ordinance would be career suicide. Therefore, we see no logical explanation as to why Torres would propose this during a time when crime in the city was declining and he was up for reelection the very next year. Even a preschool child with no political experience would focus on taking credit for the reduction in crime, instead of giving the impression that the city has no protection or safety for its residents by proclaiming they must all be locked down.
    Paterson is one of the largest recipients of federal funding per capita in the U.S. It makes total sense to NIA if the Federal Government was forcing Torres to propose this ordinance. The government most likely wanted to gauge the public's reaction and see what type of outrage there would be in response to this proposal. The government wanted to see just how many residents would be willing to so easily give up their freedom and liberty in the name of safety by supporting the ordinance. The government wanted to know how difficult it would be to get the ordinance passed and if it was passed, they wanted to see what it would take to enforce it. A real life trial of martial law in one of the largest cities in the New York metropolitan area would allow the military to be better equipped to handle all types of situations when martial law takes place on a nationwide basis during hyperinflation.
    The reason why we believe the ordinance was so vague with no details about enforcement is simple, the police department was never intended to enforce the ordinance. In the event that the ordinance was passed, there would immediately be thousands of brand new criminals breaking the law in Paterson and Torres would have a need to ask the Federal Government to bring in the U.S. military to detain the thousands of criminals who were disobeying the law. The Federal Government would in effect be creating a phony conflict in a city with a high crime rate so that they can justify using the U.S. military at home.
    Last year, President Obama signed an Executive Order "Establishment of the Council of Governors", which Obama claims is an order to strengthen further the "partnership" between the Federal Government and State governments to "protect" our Nation and its people and property. It orders that a council be created of 10 State Governors appointed by the President who will meet to exchange information with the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Homeland Security, and many other government officials related to the military. Their meetings will concern matters involving the National Guard of the various States, homeland defense, civil support, synchronization and integration of State and Federal military activities in the United States; and other matters of mutual interest pertaining to National Guard, homeland defense, and civil support activities.
    From our experience, we know that the words "partnership" and "protect" are being used in this order to deceive the public into believing the Executive Order serves some kind of a noble purpose, which to us shows malicious intent behind the creation of the order. "Civil support" in this Executive Order can't possibly mean anything other than martial law when civil unrest takes place inside of a city. This Executive Order is an attempt to invalidate the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 and make it legal for the military to enforce civilian laws inside of a city like Paterson. You would think that an Executive Order this outrageous and disturbing would have all Americans up in arms, but the mainstream media completely ignored this latest attempt by Obama to transfer power from state and local governments to the Federal Government, and didn't have one single report about it.
    Interestingly, Obama was just in Paterson this past Sunday touring parts of the city damaged by Hurricane Irene with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and newly elected Paterson Mayor Jeffery Jones. (Jones in late-September 2009 rejected the adult curfew ordinance of former-Paterson Mayor Joey Torres and in 2010 ran against him for mayor, defeating him despite being outspent 17 to 1.) Hurricane Irene caused the worst flooding crisis in city history. Mandatory evacuations were ordered for parts of the city, forcing thousands of people out of their homes and hundreds of businesses to close. All across Paterson, store shelves were empty with no food, water, batteries, or flashlights available to purchase anywhere. With most of the main streets and bridges into the city flooded, trucks weren't able to enter the city to replenish stores with supplies.
    As bad as the flooding from Hurricane Irene was for Paterson residents, it is nothing compared to the devastation and destruction that will be caused by a different kind of flooding from Obama and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. Obama and Bernanke have been flooding the world with trillions of U.S. dollars with the false belief that because Treasury yields have been falling to record lows, Obama can run trillion dollar budget deficits with Bernanke leaving the Federal Funds Rate near zero forever. Their actions are setting up the next major U.S. financial crisis, which will be massive price inflation that eventually results in hyperinflation and leads to government price controls. The empty store shelves in Paterson from Hurricane Irene are finally being replenished now that flood waters are subsiding. Unfortunately, the empty store shelves that will arise from hyperinflation and government price controls, will be permanent.
    The 77-foot high Great Falls and river that was responsible for most of the flooding in Paterson, was previously used for centuries to power dozens of surrounding mills that produced textiles, firearms, and railroad locomotive products. Paterson eventually became one of the world's largest producing cities of silk, with 50% of U.S. silk production coming from Paterson, and was later named the "Silk City". Immigrants from all around the world who moved to the U.S., came to Paterson from Ellis Island to get their first job in America at one of Paterson's many factories.
    Today, there are no more silk mills left in Paterson and unemployment in the city is nearly double the national average. With 30% of Paterson residents living below poverty, Paterson is one of the U.S. cities that will be hurt most by the massive monetary inflation of the Federal Reserve. The majority of people in Paterson are relying on government entitlement programs just to survive and don't have the financial resources to accumulate physical gold and silver.
    While in Paterson, Obama pledged Federal Government funding to residents who were devastated by the hurricane. The White House has estimated that the U.S. government's cost for Hurricane Irene relief will be around $1.5 billion, but the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) only has $800 million in funds left. FEMA will soon be asking Congress for billions of dollars that our government doesn't have and the Federal Reserve will be forced to print. By printing the FEMA funds to be provided to people in Paterson, the food stamps, unemployment checks, welfare checks, and other government entitlements that Paterson residents depend on to survive, will all lose their purchasing power, making residents more dependent on government than ever. This is Obama's strategy to get reelected, promise people more government handouts that instead of helping them, cause the U.S. dollar to lose its purchasing power and make the people as dependent on government as possible.
    NIA believes the main reason Obama went to Paterson was to see exactly how residents responded to mandatory evacuations and empty store shelves. He knows that Paterson is a microcosm of what the whole entire U.S. will soon look like during hyperinflation. That is why the Federal Government was so eager to run martial law tests and trials in Paterson. They know that the city is practically on the verge already of having rioting, looting, and civil unrest, before hyperinflation arrives. By providing Paterson with more federal funds, we are sure a secret deal will be worked out that will allow the Federal Government to push through their plans for a martial law trial in Paterson without any resistance from local government officials
    NIA believes that the Federal Government has no business providing funds to victims of hurricanes and other natural disasters. There is absolutely nothing in the U.S. Constitution that authorizes it. Most Americans are afraid to speak out against helping victims of natural disasters, but FEMA is a bureaucratic waste that needs to be eliminated in favor of free market solutions. During Hurricane Katrina, thousands of Americans volunteered to help out in disaster relief, but instead of being put straight to work they were told to sit around for hours, which turned into days, and many of them decided to just go home. FEMA spent an outrageous $416,000 per person to provide temporary housing for several hundred Hurricane Katrina evacuees in Alabama. FEMA even paid $800 million to manufacture 11,000 mobile homes to be used as shelter for Hurricane Katrina victims, but they were never used and were left to waste away in Arkansas.
    The most shocking FEMA debacle is when they decided to give out thousands of debit cards with $2,000 on them to Hurricane Katrina victims. Many people ended up using these debit cards at strip clubs. A jail escapee convicted of murder was even able to say he was a Hurricane Katrina victim and get a free $2,000 FEMA debit card, which he used to buy beer and drugs, before paying a limo driver to transport him far out of the area. A Red Cross volunteer was convicted and jailed for stealing $250,000 worth of these debit cards and we are sure that others got away with stealing millions of dollars worth of them.
    If Americans didn't have the mindset that FEMA will always be there to rescue them, more Americans would have full insurance coverage on their homes. One Paterson resident who we saw on the nightly news crying about his home being flooded and how he didn't have money for flood insurance, had an iPhone in his hand. The average annual flood insurance policy costs less than the average annual mobile phone bill. If the cost of insurance to cover flood damages is extraordinarily high in certain areas because the locations are prone to flood, then Americans shouldn't be living there. Americans who are smart enough not to build a home on the edge of a cliff or next to a river, shouldn't be forced to pay for incompetent Americans who did. It is the existence of FEMA that encourages Americans to build in risky locations without thinking of the consequences.
    Ever since Christie was elected Governor of New Jersey, he has surpassed the expectations we had for him, taking dramatic steps to cut wasteful spending in the state. Unfortunately, he appears to have changed his beliefs due to a Category 1 hurricane. He now doesn't even think it is necessary for the Federal Government to cut enough spending in parts of the budget to cover its spending on hurricane relief. The fact is, if Christie wants to help residents of New Jersey, he should have reserves set aside to do so on his own. If anybody in government is responsible for helping New Jersey residents hurt by Hurricane Irene, it is Christie himself. Instead of state and local elected representatives putting funds aside for a rainy day, it seems as though their entire purpose is to beg the Federal Government for relief.
    NIA expects Sarah Palin to announce her candidacy for the Republican Nomination for President of the United States this month. It was a prediction that NIA originally made in its top 10 predictions for 2011 back in January. We give her credit for helping build $14 billion in state reserves while she was Governor of Alaska, before quitting the job that she was nominated for. If a natural disaster strikes Alaska, they will be able to take care of themselves. Unfortunately, these Alaskans would in effect be punished for their good decisions by being forced to pay for the reckless decisions of other states. Many other states would also have large reserves for a rainy day if it wasn't for the Federal Government creating a moral hazard by providing funding to state and local governments for disaster relief.
    If Alaska was smart they would secede from the union and become their own country. Alaska currently has no state income tax or sales tax, and if Alaskans no longer had to pay federal income tax to support the reckless wasteful spending of U.S. politicians, millions of people from across the U.S. and all around the world would want to move to Alaska. As the U.S. dollar continues to rapidly lose its purchasing power, the likelihood of Alaska and other states moving towards secession will greatly increase. In 2006, an organization collected the required signatures to place on Alaska's fall ballot an initiative to have Alaska secede from the union, but the State Supreme Court ruled any attempt at secession to be illegal and unconstitutional.
    NIA believes that U.S. states have the legal right to secede from the union. U.S. courts have proven time and time again that they will incorrectly interpret the U.S. Constitution in order to protect the government's destructive illegal actions while selectively ignoring provisions that protect American's rights. The U.S. is addicted to waging illegal wars against countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and soon to be Syria. The U.S. is also addicted to money printing, in large part to pay for its illegal wars. These dangerous addictions are unconstitutional, because the U.S. Constitution said wars must be approved by Congress and only gold and silver shall be used as legal tender. The act of secession is a very powerful tool that should only be used during times in which the Federal Government's actions threaten the freedom and liberty of the citizens they swore to protect. Secession is legal and constitutional because without it there is nothing to keep the Federal Government in check and force them to rein in out of control deficit spending that threatens our very existence as a sovereign nation.

    It is important to spread the word about NIA to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, if you want America to survive hyperinflation. Please tell everybody you know to become members of NIA for free immediately at:

    Sunday, September 4, 2011

    Flu Shots

    Boy the drug stores are sure advertising early for free flu shots this year.  I havent gotten one in years mainly because I'm allergic to mercury and the flu shots have this in them.  I was serfing the web and here is an article that makes me want to NEVER get a flu shot:

    Besides the last time I got one I got the flu...and they put MSG in the shots ?!  Wonder why they do that?

    Kinda scary that they are going to try to mandate them.

    Saturday, September 3, 2011

    Bye bye microwave

    Yep it's true I said bye bye to my microwave two weeks ago and havent missed it yet.  No sense in having an appliance that you only use to reheat food.  It does take longer in the stove or toaster oven but the food tastes better and I have been trying not to have so many leftovers anyway.  Besides I needed someplace to put our new Berkey water filter system and where the microwave was the perfect place. 

    The Berkey is wonderful.  Wish I would have gotten one years ago.  It came with two black filters that filter out the chlorine and I ponied up extra for the floride filters.  The water not only tastes good but is really good for you too.

    Here is an article on the dangers of microwaves especially for heating up baby formulas  

    Here is where I got the Berkey system  They also have great prices on their powdered wheatgrass.  They are very customer oriented and I was pleased with the service.

    By the way I am just a customer of theirs.  I dont get paid for promoting their site in anyway.

    Talk to ya later!


    Thursday, September 1, 2011

    Scattered thoughts...

    Has anyone tried the new blogger dashboard interface yet?  I looked at it but to me it looked more confusing. 

    Planted some cabbage seeds last week and they all came up and are under the grow light right now.  Just waiting for some rain and cooler temps to roll around next week for planting.

    Chicks went into molt and still laid eggs...we have so many couldnt they at least have slowed down to 1-2 a day?  Nope averaging 4-5 a day.

    Hubby wanted a mechanical watch, you know the kind you have to wind.  He has a few of the battery kind but we were having trouble finding batteries for them.  Really if you want to be more self sufficient shouldnt you have a mechanical watch?  He thought that Timex still made them.  Looked on their site, nope they dont make them any I went on Ebay and found him one from the 60's.  Just got it today and so far it's keeping good time.  Had to move it off of the table where I had put it because some little furry female creature decided that it would be really interesting to grab it by the band...needless to say it is now sitting right in front of me so I can watch it.  Yes I am watching a watch LOL.   Where is said furry creature?  In my lap sleeping.  Getting in trouble makes you very tired.

    Our oldest cat had a bout of diarrhea and wasnt eating or drinking for two days but he has made a great recovery over the last 24 hours.  He's 21 years old.  Poor old thing wobbles and weaves especially if he looks up.

    Am working on several things right now and will post pics as soon as I get them done.

    Talk to ya later!