Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bye bye microwave

Yep it's true I said bye bye to my microwave two weeks ago and havent missed it yet.  No sense in having an appliance that you only use to reheat food.  It does take longer in the stove or toaster oven but the food tastes better and I have been trying not to have so many leftovers anyway.  Besides I needed someplace to put our new Berkey water filter system and where the microwave was the perfect place. 

The Berkey is wonderful.  Wish I would have gotten one years ago.  It came with two black filters that filter out the chlorine and I ponied up extra for the floride filters.  The water not only tastes good but is really good for you too.

Here is an article on the dangers of microwaves especially for heating up baby formulas  

Here is where I got the Berkey system  They also have great prices on their powdered wheatgrass.  They are very customer oriented and I was pleased with the service.

By the way I am just a customer of theirs.  I dont get paid for promoting their site in anyway.

Talk to ya later!


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  1. I have a sister that has stop using a microwave to she says for health reason's. I have a water filter myself. You will enjoy it. Trish


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