Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hobby Lobby and other stuff is having a great deal today.  40% off your highest priced item and under $3 shipping.  They have even added fabric to their items you can order.  I ordered some batting...OK I admit I ordered 5 yards but it was a good deal...the shipping is much cheaper than me driving over there and fighting crowds tomorrow (they are closed on Sunday).  This deal is only good today though.  If your interested hop on over there and sign up for their emails cause they always send you a coupon. 

DH and I went to Home Depot the other day as well (yes Black Friday) to pick up some insulation for the chicken roof.  We went when the Iron Bowl was on and traffic really wasnt too bad actually.  We figured it was a good time to go because of the game.  I really didnt want to go because of all the crowds...people get nasty too.  I'm making most of my gifts this year and anything that I really want to get I'll get online. 

DH and I are building a little shelter for the chicks to get out of the weather.  The coop we have is really small and only for sleeping and laying eggs.  DH put up a tarp the other day since the wind was blowing and it was cold (in the 30's).  The last few nights we have had to bring in the waterers so they dont freeze.  Looks like it is going to be a cold winter here in Alabama.  We chopped up the pumpkin my friend gave me for the holidays and the chicks really liked the seeds but not so much the flesh of it.  DH was afraid it was going bad and we needed to cut it up right now before it molded...he's so funny.  I had to explain to him that our ancestors used to store such pumpkins over winter in their root cellars and it took a long time for them to mold.  He says that about everything which explains why we dont seem to have any snacks...hmmm.  You know they go moldy if they arent eaten right away :)

We had a quiet Thanksgiving.  DH had to work and I just cooked in the morning.  We had smoked turkey breast, homemade cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, coleslaw, homemade stuffing and homemade sweet potato pie.  I made too we have leftovers for the next week probably lol.  I'm going to cut up the meat and freeze it.  Then take the carcass and make broth from that and freeze the broth.  Nothing like homemade soup in the winter. 

Well I have to get back to work.  I'm trying to get completely caught up so I can take tomorrow off to help put up the new chicken fence.  I'll try to post pics of it.

Talk to ya later!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

NIA's new video

This new video is on Youtube.  Very good video, Please watch it!  It is so much better to be prepared even if everyone thinks you're crazy.  They thought Noah was crazy too...

Hope you all had a very Wonderful Thanksgiving!


NIA's New Video Goes Viral

On Wednesday, November 24th, the National Inflation Association released a shocking and stunning video entitled, 'The Day the Dollar Died', which shows the world exactly what could happen to the U.S. economy in the very near future during the first 12 hours of a U.S. dollar collapse. Although the video itself is fictional, NIA believes a U.S. dollar collapse is inevitable and there is a strong likelihood that the U.S. will experience an outbreak of hyperinflation this decade. 'The Day the Dollar Died' is a wake up call for Americans who aren't yet stocking up on gold, silver and food supplies. The U.S. dollar's day of reckoning is coming and only Americans who prepare now will survive.

In just 42 hours since its release, 'The Day the Dollar Died' has already been viewed over 145,000 times on YouTube. It is currently YouTube's #1 top favorited news and politics video. Approximately 1,200 people have commented about the video on YouTube alone, with thousands of more comments having been made about the video on hundreds of Internet blogs that have featured it. An amazing 93.5% of those who have watched 'The Day the Dollar Died' have given it a thumbs up.

All of the discussion about 'The Day the Dollar Died' comes hot on the heels of NIA's October 31st release of its latest critically acclaimed full length documentary 'End of Liberty', which shows how Americans are rapidly losing their liberties and freedoms, and how our country is headed for a complete societal collapse. 'End of Liberty' has already received about 1/2 million views in less than one month.

On November 5th, NIA released a report with its projections for future U.S. food prices based on the recently announced $600 billion in quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve. Several days later, NIA's food inflation report was featured live on Fox News by Glenn Beck, who was recently ranked by Newsweek as the #2 most influential political figure in the country. On November 12th, NIA's President Gerard Adams was a guest on the Fox Business Network, where he spoke about the potential for food inflation to take over as America's biggest crisis in 2011.

NIA is not a political organization and does not support Republicans or Democrats. NIA exists solely for the purpose of educating Americans to the truth about the U.S. economy and inflation. Americans live in a country where 99% of those who studied economics in college were taught voodoo Keynesian economics.

Keynesian economists have the mistaken belief that all recessions are bad and must be suppressed by government interference in the free market. They believe that by the Federal Reserve manipulating interest rates to artificially low levels and printing trillions of dollars of fiat money out of thin air, they can create jobs, economic growth, and wealth. They believe that a little bit of inflation is good for an economy.

Keynesian economists fail to realize that when price inflation breaks out, it becomes impossible to contain unless interest rates are immediately raised to a level that is higher than the real rate of price inflation. Unfortunately, due to the current size and scope of our national debt and unfunded liabilities, NIA believes it will be impossible for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates higher than the real rate of inflation. Real interest rates are likely to stay negative until the U.S. dollar collapses and is officially declared dead and worthless.

Gas and grocery bills for all Americans have been rising substantially in recent months. The average American has been seeing health insurance costs spiral out of control on an annual basis. Students have been suffering from college tuitions rising like there is no tomorrow. Massive price inflation is all around us, yet the mainstream media continues to ignore the truth and reports the government's phony CPI numbers as gospel.

Politicians in Washington from both sides of the aisle have been colluding with the media in order to brainwash Americans into believing inflation is not a problem and that their real fear should be deflation. Deflation is a good thing for middle class Americans because it means their money is worth more and their incomes and savings have more purchasing power. Inflation is only good for the politicians because it allows them to steal the wealth of middle class Americans and redistribute it to their banker friends on Wall Street who don't produce anything of real value.

There is no reason for a lawyer or banker to make more money than a farmer or factory worker. This is only made possible by the system we have today, where Americans get suckered into electing representatives who promise entitlements that the government can't afford without printing the money to pay for them. When the dollar bubble bursts and the system collapses, the free market will allow farmers and goods producers to become wealthy while lawyers and bankers go broke.

Most Americans are naive enough to believe that because the U.S. has survived for so long with such a huge national debt and continuous budget deficits, the country will be able to continue down this path forever without any consequences because after all, this is America we are talking about. The truth is, our national debt has grown by 70.7% over the past five years, compared to 41.8% during the previous five years, and 14.3% during the five years before that. Meanwhile, our GDP has grown by 17.9% over the past five years, compared to 27.5% during the previous five years, and 32.9% during the five years before that. We have gone from our GDP growing more than twice as fast as our debt, to our debt growing at nearly quadruple the speed of our GDP. A train wreck is getting ready to happen and this train wreck is literally unstoppable.

To watch 'The Day the Dollar Died' for free please visit the NIA video page at:

It is important to spread the word about NIA to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, if you want America to survive hyperinflation. Please tell everybody you know to become members of NIA for free immediately at:

Monday, November 15, 2010

Raining on my parade...

Yes it's raining again.  It rained yesterday and it's supposed to rain tomorrow.  This is good...just wish it was a warm rain.  I got chilled yesterday when I went out to feed the chickens and couldnt get warmed up all day.  DH put a tarp up for them yesterday and after the rain slowed down I went out to get most of the pooled water off of it.  When all that rain sluiced off of the tarp it started a little stream down the middle of the chicken run.  It was so funny cause the ladies just looked at it as it was running towards them.  I told them you need to back up a little bit here it comes and they did but not fast enough lol.  They dont seem to mind the wet but we hate to see them getting cold and wet.  So afraid that they would catch cold.  Do chickens catch cold?  I suppose they do though I cant imagine them sneezing.  Wait...that's a cool picture in my head...sneezing chickens. Just the picture not the actuality of it.  I dont want to lose any of my girls to a cold or anything else for that matter.  Funny how you get attached to animals. 

I hung out clothes on Saturday and Mollie our oldest cat decided he wanted to go out with me.  We used to have the cats out all the time but decided to have them inside so we wouldnt have to worry about a car hitting them, etc.  Since we have the backyard now fenced and Mollie isnt the younin he used to be (he's 20) I thought why not let him out to enjoy the weather while he can.  He really loved going out and ended up laying on the warm cement for about a half hour by himself.  Today he decided to go out with DH when he went out to drain the tarp and when I saw him he was back inside looking all sparkly (raindrops)  He didnt stay out too long but wanted to be "helping" DH.  The ladies arent too sure of him but he's a pussycat (pun, couldnt resist) and wouldnt hurt them.  He doesnt have too many teeth left.  I guess he could gum them if he actually could move that fast.  Poor old thing has arthritis.

PS:  The reason he's called Mollie is because his full name is Molasses.  It's just easier to call him Mollie.

I really wanted to hang clothes out today too but no go because of the rain.  Guess I'll have to wait until Wednesday. 

I have been using up the beans I pressured canned.  Wow, they're great.  Just like canned from the store only I know what's in my canned beans.  If you ever have a chance to pressure beans, do it.  It saves so much time in the long run.  I made chili with them the other day and had just enough left over for my lunch the next day it was so good. 

Our tomatoes out in the greenhouse got nipped (frosted) a little bit last week.  DH put a heater out there but it has a shut off feature so if it isnt sitting on a hard surface it isnt going to run.  I didnt check it.  I thought he knew about this because I did tell him when we first got it.  It does have a light that lights up on it when it is sitting right...two nights of frosts later...he says I wonder why the tomatoes look so bad on the very top of the plants?  He had the heater sitting on an upside down plastic bucket.  Needless to say when he moved it to a flat wooden box it worked and we havent had any trouble with the low temps.  I need to plant my potatoes in the greenhouse.  The garlic and walking onions that I planted last month have come up in the regular garden.  They need to be mulched and this coming spring we'll have some fresh garlic, potatoes and onions.  Cant wait.

A month ago I had an infection in my adrenal gland behind my ear.  I thought I had the mumps.  So glad it wasnt the mumps.  Doc put me on antibiotics.  It hurt when I ate...every mouthful...  It finally cleared up and I am back to eating hard stuff like meat, toast, etc.  Hard to believe how much something like that hurts.  Of course I have never heard of anyone getting an infection in their adrenal gland before (only me, right :))  Doc said the antibiotics should clear it up but if it didnt I might have a stone in there and he would have to refer me to a surgeon.  A stone?  That was a new one on me.  PTL it cleared up and I'm OK now.  If it ever happens again I'll know what it is at least. 

Right now I'm reading Broke by Glenn Beck.  It's a pretty good read.  I thought it might be kind of boring since it's about finances (and I really dont like math) but it goes through our country's history.  I'm about half way through and will let you know if the rest of the book is as good as the first part.  I got it on my Kindle and paid the most I have paid for a digital book $15.  I love my Kindle...

DH decided to put down the laminate flooring we got back in July.  He started in his exercise room.  It looks really good and a lot more expensive that it actually was.  Of course he needed to get a few more tools to finish the job so today he went and got them.  Should make the job go much faster.  He wants to do my craft/computer room next.   I think he is crazy.  So now I'll have to take off a few days to move everything out of the room, pull up the carpet so we can lay the new floor.  Don't know when I can do this.  Work is pretty busy lately but he wants to get it all finished (including the living room) by I said he's crazy lol.

Well all for now,


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hug a soldier today!

Let him know how much you appreciate his service to defend this country.  To all the veterans out there, THANK YOU!

I also would like to thank my relatives who served those who are still with us and those that have passed on.  Love you guys and gals!

I'm flying my flag today.  Hope you will too.

Talk to ya later!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Can't believe she actually stood up to them...

Sarah Palin Food Inflation Controversy

Sarah Palin on Monday made a speech at a trade-association convention in Phoenix urging Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to “cease and desist” his “pump priming”. Palin said the United States, “shouldn’t be playing around with inflation.” She went on to say, "All this pump priming will come at a serious price. And I mean that literally: everyone who ever goes out shopping for groceries knows that prices have risen significantly over the past year or so. Pump priming would push them even higher."

After obtaining a copy of her speech, the Wall Street Journal's Sudeep Reddy wrote an article criticizing Palin's comments about food inflation, saying that, "Grocery prices haven’t risen all that significantly, in fact. The consumer price index’s measure of food and beverages for the first nine months of this year showed average annual inflation of less than 0.6%, the slowest pace on record." NIA finds it unfortunate that Reddy has been brainwashed into believing the government's phony consumer price index (CPI) numbers.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)'s CPI is not a reliable indicator of U.S. food inflation or any type of price inflation. NIA estimates the real rate of annual food inflation in the U.S. to already be 5% and projects that this rate will rise above 10% in early 2011. NIA believes the BLS has been using both geometric weighting and hedonics to artificially manipulate the CPI downward. The U.S. government has a strong motivation to keep CPI increases as low as possible because since the year 1975, retired Americans receive annual Social Security payment increases that are tied to the CPI. NIA calculates that based on the way the BLS's CPI has understated the real rate of price inflation, Americans on Social Security should be receiving payments that are more than double what they receive today. Unfortunately, the government just announced last month that Americans on Social Security will receive no payment increase in 2011, despite the fact that food inflation will likely become the biggest crisis of the year, much larger than the mortgage crisis we have today.

When calculating food inflation, the government uses deceptive geometric weighting, which gives a lower weighting to goods that are rising in price and a higher weighting to goods that are falling in price. If the price of steak is rising while the price of hamburgers is falling, the CPI will give a lower weighting to steak and a higher weighting to hamburgers. The government justifies this by saying that expensive steak prices mean Americans are more likely to eat hamburgers. Therefore, the CPI no longer accounts for the price to maintain the same standard of living. The CPI is now calculated based on the realization that America's standard of living has been in decline and the expectation that it will continue to decline in the future.

Americans subconsciously realize that it is becoming a lot harder for them to make ends meet and put food on the table, but they don't realize that inflation is the cause of it. All Americans have heard stories from older relatives about how Hershey bars 45 years ago cost only 5 cents. Americans are aware that the U.S. has already experienced massive price inflation, but they don't look at inflation as a problem because these food price increases occurred over a very long period of time. NIA estimates that at a very minimum, the same U.S. price inflation that occurred over the past 100 years, will occur again over the next 10 years as the Federal Reserve's money printing causes the world to lose confidence in the U.S. dollar.

There is a misconception in America that wages have risen at the same rate as price inflation, when this is simply not the case. The median household income in the U.S. was $11,800 in 1975 and today is $49,777. If you go by the government's CPI, $11,800 in 1975 dollars equals $47,208 in today's dollars. If the government's CPI is to be believed, Americans are earning higher real incomes today than 35 years ago. However, the truth is, once you discount the effects of geometric weighting and hedonics, the median household income in 1975 of $11,800 actually equals $154,000 in today's dollars. This explains how in 1975, a father was able to support a family on just one income and college students were able to afford their own tuition with just a part-time summer job. Today, both parents need to work and families need to get deeply into debt just to survive.

The U.S. government is currently printing money just to survive. The Federal Reserve has held the Fed Funds Rate at 0-0.25% for nearly two years and just announced that it will be printing an additional $600 billion in new U.S. dollars by the end of June 2011. Since the beginning of September until now, just in anticipation of the Fed's upcoming quantitative easing, we have experienced the largest ever short-term increase in the history of agricultural commodity prices with corn rising by 32%, soybeans rising by 32%, orange juice rising by 12%, coffee rising by 19%, and sugar rising by 66%. These agricultural commodity price increases will begin to work their way into grocery stores nationwide in the weeks and months ahead, as food manufacturers and retailers are forced to raise their prices.

Food manufacturers and retailers who don't immediately raise prices and pass their rising costs on to U.S. consumers will likely go out of business. Sara Lee just announced yesterday that their first quarter profit fell 32% as price increases it enacted during the quarter were not enough to cover steep increases for agricultural commodities. Dean Foods saw their stock decline 18% yesterday to a new 52-week low due to escalating costs for butterfat, a key ingredient in its creamers and ice creams. Dean Foods' butterfat costs were up 70% over the same 2009 period.

The U.S. has no way of paying off its $13.7 trillion national debt and $80 trillion plus in unfunded liabilities without printing the money and creating massive price inflation. China’s Dagong Global Credit Rating Co. lowered its credit rating for the U.S. to A+ from AA on Tuesday with an outlook of "negative", saying the Fed’s plan to buy government debt will erode the value of the dollar and “entirely encroaches” on the interests of creditors. The Fed, by buying U.S. treasuries, is effectively monetizing the debt. In fact, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Richard W. Fisher admitted yesterday that the Fed is monetizing the debt, saying in a statement, "For the next eight months, the nation’s central bank will be monetizing the federal debt."

Bernanke testified under oath on June 3rd, 2009 in front of Congress saying, "The Federal Reserve will not monetize the debt." This was a lie and perjury. With baseball great Roger Clemens being indicted for lying to Congress under oath about a personal matter that is trivial compared to this, Bernanke should also be charged with similar crimes.

Although NIA believes Palin made a major mistake by supporting the government's $700 billion 'Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008', we give her credit for helping expose to the mainstream public that a massive inflationary crisis is ahead due to Bernanke's destructive monetary policies. On December 16th, 2009, the same day Time Magazine named Bernanke 'Person of the Year', NIA named Bernanke 'Villain of the Year' and said in an article that day, "When it costs $20 for a gallon of milk in a few years, Americans will have nobody to thank more than Bernanke."

The average American family currently spends 13% of their total annual expenditures on food compared to 34% on housing. As the Federal Reserve monetizes our debt and creates massive price inflation, these two numbers will reverse. For every 1% rise in consumer wages, NIA expects to see about a 4% rise in food prices. There are currently 42.4 million Americans on food stamps, up 17% from one year ago. The government does not have the resources to make these entitlement payments without printing the money and creating massive food price inflation. Ironically, food stamps are actually making those who receive them, need them even more.

If the U.S. government is somehow able to make it to the 2012 election without going bust due to a worthless U.S. dollar, by then it is likely that the average middle-class American will be dependent on the government to survive. Obama's strategy to get re-elected is to make as many Americans as possible dependent on him and scared to elect a true Libertarian candidate like Ron Paul, who will dramatically reduce government spending in an attempt to prevent hyperinflation. We must all work together to spread the word about NIA and educate as many Americans as possible to the truth about the U.S. economy and inflation.

It is important to spread the word about NIA to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, if you want America to survive hyperinflation. Please tell everybody you know to become members of NIA for free immediately at:

It amazes me that they (the government and media) think we are sooooo stupid.  The prices are going to go through the roof and where will we be 10 years from now, even 5 years from now, heck even next year?   We keep working and working and more people are losing their jobs and the rest of us working stiffs are paying more and more taxes so that we can support the people who are losing their jobs and getting unemployment and food stamps...what happens when we all lose our jobs?  Where will the government get the money to pay for all of this?  Oh that's right when we all lose our jobs the government will just "borrow" from other governments and when the other governments want their money, what then?  Will we still be the United States of America?  Or will some other country own us?  Think it cant happen to us?  We owe money out the yazoo to other countries and they are getting fed up with us. Look at what happened when China came out about the US dollar just a few days ago.  What happened?  The dollar fell.  Guess what folks it wont be long before we are paying more to eat than to pay our mortgage or rent.  Nice that our leader decided to spend sooo much money to go to India.  Nice vacation for him dont you think?  Took the wife and who knows how many secret service people to protect them...just when people are losing their nice of him to care so much about us.  Nothing like pandering to a country where all our jobs are offense to any of my readers from there.  I'm just kind of ticked off that all our jobs are being outsourced when there are plenty of people here looking for jobs.  Of course there are those who really dont want to work but that's another story...

Off my soapbox for now.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Talk to ya later,


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Wow if you have never checked out the stats section of your blog you really should.  All I can say is wow!  There are people reading my blog from around the world!  So nice to meet all of you!  Thanks for stopping by.  Today alone I had 21 visits from people from the Ukraine.  The Ukraine!  I'm speechless and in total awe of technology today.  Welcome all my potential friends, Welcome!

Talk to ya later!



Amazing!  I cant imagine how long this must have taken to set up...

Friday, November 5, 2010

NIA email I received today...

Please read this and start stockpiling your staples cause its coming folks, its coming...

NIA Projects Future U.S. Food Price Increases

The National Inflation Association today announced the release of its report about NIA's projections of future U.S. food price increases due to the massive monetary inflation being created by the Federal Reserve's $600 billion quantitative easing. This report was written by NIA's President Gerard Adams, who believes food inflation will take over in 2011 as America's greatest crisis. According to Mr. Adams, making mortgage payments will soon be the last thing on the minds of all Americans. We currently have a currency crisis that could soon turn into hyperinflation and a complete societal collapse.

"For every economic problem the U.S. government tries to solve, it always creates two or three much larger catastrophes in the process," said Adams. "Just like we predicted this past December, the U.S. dollar index bounced in early 2010 and has been in free-fall ever since. Bernanke's QE2 will likely accelerate this free-fall into a complete U.S. dollar rout," warned Adams.

NIA projects that at the average U.S. grocery store it will soon cost $11.43 for one ear of corn, $23.05 for a 24 oz loaf of wheat bread, $62.21 for a 32 oz package of Domino Granulated Sugar, $24.31 for a 32 fl oz container of soy milk, $77.71 for a 11.30 oz container of Folgers Classic Roast Coffee, $45.71 for a 64 fl oz container of Minute Maid Orange Juice, and $15.50 for a Hershey's Milk Chocolate 1.55 oz candy bar. NIA also projects that by the end of this decade, a plain white men's cotton t-shirt at Wal-Mart will cost $55.57.

NIA's special U.S. food price projection report is now available to download for free at:

The report highlights how despite cotton rising by 54%, corn rising by 29%, soybeans rising by 22%, orange juice rising by 17%, and sugar rising by 51% during the months of September and October alone, these huge commodity price increases have yet to make their way into America's grocery stores because corporations have been reluctant to pass these price increases along to the consumer. In today's dismal economy, no retailer wants to be the first to dramatically raise food prices. However, NIA expects all retailers to soon substantially raise food prices at the same time, which will ensure that this Holiday shopping season will be the worst in recorded American history.

If you are an NIA member and have a question about the U.S. economy or inflation, please browse through our ‘NIAnswers’ database and if your question hasn’t already been answered there, you can either submit it on ‘NIAnswers’ or email it to us at:

If you are a member of the media and would like to schedule an interview with NIA’s President Gerard Adams about inflation, please send an email to or if it is urgent you can call us directly at 1-888-99-NIA US (1-888-996-4287).

== They have been right about a lot of stuff so far and its never a bad thing to be prepared for the worst.

Talk to ya later!