Monday, November 15, 2010

Raining on my parade...

Yes it's raining again.  It rained yesterday and it's supposed to rain tomorrow.  This is good...just wish it was a warm rain.  I got chilled yesterday when I went out to feed the chickens and couldnt get warmed up all day.  DH put a tarp up for them yesterday and after the rain slowed down I went out to get most of the pooled water off of it.  When all that rain sluiced off of the tarp it started a little stream down the middle of the chicken run.  It was so funny cause the ladies just looked at it as it was running towards them.  I told them you need to back up a little bit here it comes and they did but not fast enough lol.  They dont seem to mind the wet but we hate to see them getting cold and wet.  So afraid that they would catch cold.  Do chickens catch cold?  I suppose they do though I cant imagine them sneezing.  Wait...that's a cool picture in my head...sneezing chickens. Just the picture not the actuality of it.  I dont want to lose any of my girls to a cold or anything else for that matter.  Funny how you get attached to animals. 

I hung out clothes on Saturday and Mollie our oldest cat decided he wanted to go out with me.  We used to have the cats out all the time but decided to have them inside so we wouldnt have to worry about a car hitting them, etc.  Since we have the backyard now fenced and Mollie isnt the younin he used to be (he's 20) I thought why not let him out to enjoy the weather while he can.  He really loved going out and ended up laying on the warm cement for about a half hour by himself.  Today he decided to go out with DH when he went out to drain the tarp and when I saw him he was back inside looking all sparkly (raindrops)  He didnt stay out too long but wanted to be "helping" DH.  The ladies arent too sure of him but he's a pussycat (pun, couldnt resist) and wouldnt hurt them.  He doesnt have too many teeth left.  I guess he could gum them if he actually could move that fast.  Poor old thing has arthritis.

PS:  The reason he's called Mollie is because his full name is Molasses.  It's just easier to call him Mollie.

I really wanted to hang clothes out today too but no go because of the rain.  Guess I'll have to wait until Wednesday. 

I have been using up the beans I pressured canned.  Wow, they're great.  Just like canned from the store only I know what's in my canned beans.  If you ever have a chance to pressure beans, do it.  It saves so much time in the long run.  I made chili with them the other day and had just enough left over for my lunch the next day it was so good. 

Our tomatoes out in the greenhouse got nipped (frosted) a little bit last week.  DH put a heater out there but it has a shut off feature so if it isnt sitting on a hard surface it isnt going to run.  I didnt check it.  I thought he knew about this because I did tell him when we first got it.  It does have a light that lights up on it when it is sitting right...two nights of frosts later...he says I wonder why the tomatoes look so bad on the very top of the plants?  He had the heater sitting on an upside down plastic bucket.  Needless to say when he moved it to a flat wooden box it worked and we havent had any trouble with the low temps.  I need to plant my potatoes in the greenhouse.  The garlic and walking onions that I planted last month have come up in the regular garden.  They need to be mulched and this coming spring we'll have some fresh garlic, potatoes and onions.  Cant wait.

A month ago I had an infection in my adrenal gland behind my ear.  I thought I had the mumps.  So glad it wasnt the mumps.  Doc put me on antibiotics.  It hurt when I ate...every mouthful...  It finally cleared up and I am back to eating hard stuff like meat, toast, etc.  Hard to believe how much something like that hurts.  Of course I have never heard of anyone getting an infection in their adrenal gland before (only me, right :))  Doc said the antibiotics should clear it up but if it didnt I might have a stone in there and he would have to refer me to a surgeon.  A stone?  That was a new one on me.  PTL it cleared up and I'm OK now.  If it ever happens again I'll know what it is at least. 

Right now I'm reading Broke by Glenn Beck.  It's a pretty good read.  I thought it might be kind of boring since it's about finances (and I really dont like math) but it goes through our country's history.  I'm about half way through and will let you know if the rest of the book is as good as the first part.  I got it on my Kindle and paid the most I have paid for a digital book $15.  I love my Kindle...

DH decided to put down the laminate flooring we got back in July.  He started in his exercise room.  It looks really good and a lot more expensive that it actually was.  Of course he needed to get a few more tools to finish the job so today he went and got them.  Should make the job go much faster.  He wants to do my craft/computer room next.   I think he is crazy.  So now I'll have to take off a few days to move everything out of the room, pull up the carpet so we can lay the new floor.  Don't know when I can do this.  Work is pretty busy lately but he wants to get it all finished (including the living room) by I said he's crazy lol.

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  1. Is best to let him while he's in the'll be glad you did. Trish


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