Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ok I'm back

To let you know what's going on.  My hubby was having a lot of tooth pain back in January and so we went to the dentist.  She pulled some teeth but the swelling just wouldn't go down and he was still having a lot of mouth pain so we went back.  This time she and the other dentist in the office looked at his mouth.  The other dentist wouldn't do anything with his mouth and so she sent us to a dental surgeon in Florence, AL.

We went to the dental surgeon and he told my hubby that he had mouth cancer and wanted to make him an appointment down in Birmingham, AL.  It was quite a shock to us both.  We both knew Birmingham was quite a ways away from us so hubby wanted to talk to the dentist (Dr. Jamie Blood who is a wonderful dentist if your in the Lawrenceburg TN area and need a dentist)  so we stopped at her office.  He went in and talked to her and she gave him another dental surgeon's office number to call.  Which we did when we went home.  His name is Dr. Stephen Parey (if you need a dental surgeon, he is located in Columbia but has a satellite office in Lawrenceburg.  He sent hubby to get a CT of his head at Maury Regional Hospital and did a biopsy of the growth in his mouth.

We went to get the CT and afterwards hubby became very dizzy walking down the hall.  Luckily a doctor was passing by and asked if he needed a wheelchair.  When we said yes, he stopped a passing nurse and she pushed hubby to the front door where we got in the shuttle they have there.  They took us directly to our car.  I suppose that he was kind of allergic to the CT dye but I really don't know.

Meanwhile Dr. Parey's office made us appointments with a radiologist/oncologist, chemo doctor and a dental surgeon.  The first two are located in Columbia TN and the surgeon is in Nashville.

Oh and hubby was having a lot of knee pain so I made him an appointment with an orthopedic doctor who sent him for a MRI of his knee.  Turns out he has cancer in his knee as well.

If that wasn't a lot to grasp, it turns out after a PET scan that he has kidney cancer as well.  And all the other cancer stems from this.  He will start chemo on Monday along with radiation therapy on his knee.  We go tomorrow to the surgeon in Nashville to see if he can do anything for his mouth and face.  I've never driven to Nashville so wish me luck.  And if you pray, please pray for my hubby.  We need all the help we can get.  Thanks!


Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm still here

My hubby was just diagnosed with mouth cancer and we are busy with doctor appointments but I will be back.