Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rain again

The fence guys did not come today because of the rain.  DH has added it up and we have had 22 inches of rain here in the last three weeks.  It stopped raining around lunch time but then was still overcast most of the day with a little bit of sunshine peeking through at 12 pm.  Cant wait for the fence to be up.  Cant stand that little yippy dog next door.  Dont understand people who let their dogs out and then proceed to ignore their barking for hours and HOURS at a time.  They dont go out to play with them just let them out to BARK ALL THE TIME.  Especially the little terrier thing next door.  Dont get me wrong I love dogs and the two bigger dogs that are in there with the little yippy one are great.  They only bark if someone is in their yard or someone is coming to their door.  The little yippy one on the other hand has decided that no one can be in their yard and he must bark if they are...

Anyway I am trying to look on the bright side...the house with little yippy dog is a rental and usually the renters only last six months to a year so hopefully they will be moving in the early spring.  I think our fence will help out too.  Maybe if he cannot see us he will not bark at us.  One can only hope.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New fence

Well Sutton Fence crew came today to start the fence.  I thought they were just going to measure it out and mark it but they were here to actually set the posts.  They dug the holes and cemented the 4x4's in.  They made a lot of dirt...dont know what we are going to do with a bunch of dirt.  I know make MUDPIES!!!  Put worms and snails in them and then garnish them with all those nice rocks we have in the back yard, yum...

Seriously they are supposed to come back tomorrow and put the fence panels up.  They even left their truck here parked out on the street.  Hope it's OK til morning.  Wouldnt want all their supplies come up missing or anything.

Raspberries are still producing and DH planted some spinach today.  I typed.  DH had off.  It pretty much sucked...:(

Talk to ya later!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yes I know, I know

I'm just a lazy turd...but I have been working my butt off. turd, butt :) But here is the new blog for today. The news is that they have finally gotten someone to back me up at work when I am off. The bad news is that she is freaking out a little bit not understanding the Indian Doc. No one seems to understand her, I do but noone else...weird. Maybe my eardrums are made different, ya think? Anyway now I get to check over her dictation to make sure that there are no goofs. Like I have time...sigh.

We are getting a fence! Yay! I called several fence companies and they came out and gave us estimates and gave us literature on the fences. Lots of choices if you have the money to spend. We're going to get the wood one though cause the vinyl ones are twice the price. DH had to go out today and move the compost pile and cut down some weeds that were growing over the summer behind the compost bin. He cut down one ragweed that had a trunk as big as a small tree. I cut down some of the raspberry vines that had not produced anything. We still have berries on some of them so will have to wait to cut them back. We are going to burn them because the books we have read say that you do that so that all of the diseases stay away from them. Hope it works. I promise to take pics of the fence being built. Yeah I know I still have pics on my camera that need downloaded to here and I will get to them...I need a body double I think.

Next on our list is a greenhouse and then a chicken coop and then chickens and then...and then...and then (small joke for those of you who watch movies "dude")

I saw one of my old co-workers today. While transferring some money from the one bank where we have our savings to the other bank where we have our checking, there she was behind the counter! I have not seen B for a long time. She worked where I do part time and went to college the other half. She just graduated two wks ago and got a job at the bank last week. She was very lucky. Hard for college grads to get a job right now. We might go out for lunch some day. It would be really nice to catch up. I didnt want to get her in trouble for talking to me for too long although they werent busy at the bank.

DH and I went out for Indian food tonight. Yum. We always have leftovers the next day. I got the chicken Bhirani. It was supposed to be medium but boy was it hot. DH didnt believe me since he got medium too but he tasted it and asked me if I ordered hot... geez no (rolling eyes) I never order hot...How long has he been married to me? and he was sitting right there when I ordered. Not very observant is he? :)

Well isnt my life just so interesting? Let me know what you are all doing and no I didnt say yall lol. Athough the Indian Doc did say yall on her dictation the other day cracked me up...