Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New fence

Well Sutton Fence crew came today to start the fence.  I thought they were just going to measure it out and mark it but they were here to actually set the posts.  They dug the holes and cemented the 4x4's in.  They made a lot of dirt...dont know what we are going to do with a bunch of dirt.  I know make MUDPIES!!!  Put worms and snails in them and then garnish them with all those nice rocks we have in the back yard, yum...

Seriously they are supposed to come back tomorrow and put the fence panels up.  They even left their truck here parked out on the street.  Hope it's OK til morning.  Wouldnt want all their supplies come up missing or anything.

Raspberries are still producing and DH planted some spinach today.  I typed.  DH had off.  It pretty much sucked...:(

Talk to ya later!


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