Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rain again

The fence guys did not come today because of the rain.  DH has added it up and we have had 22 inches of rain here in the last three weeks.  It stopped raining around lunch time but then was still overcast most of the day with a little bit of sunshine peeking through at 12 pm.  Cant wait for the fence to be up.  Cant stand that little yippy dog next door.  Dont understand people who let their dogs out and then proceed to ignore their barking for hours and HOURS at a time.  They dont go out to play with them just let them out to BARK ALL THE TIME.  Especially the little terrier thing next door.  Dont get me wrong I love dogs and the two bigger dogs that are in there with the little yippy one are great.  They only bark if someone is in their yard or someone is coming to their door.  The little yippy one on the other hand has decided that no one can be in their yard and he must bark if they are...

Anyway I am trying to look on the bright side...the house with little yippy dog is a rental and usually the renters only last six months to a year so hopefully they will be moving in the early spring.  I think our fence will help out too.  Maybe if he cannot see us he will not bark at us.  One can only hope.


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