Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dr. Quinn show shawls...

 I have to admit I've been watching the entire six seasons of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman on Amazon Prime.  Love the series but one thing realllllllllly bugs me.  That's that shawl that is on the left....Reallly bugs me.  Not that I don't love the shawl but it is NOT historically accurate.  Multi-color yarn (variegated) was not invented until 1960!  Every time the actress wears this, it makes me cringe.  I looked online and apparently no one else noticed this.  There are a few other shawls that were not accurate as well.   I guess I'm too picky as the show had a lot of things that were not historically accurate.  I hate it when watching a movie or TV show that is supposed to be set in another time and the costumes aren't correct.  What are your views on this?  Does this shawl bother anyone else?  or is it just me LOL.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas alone

Please remember all the people who have lost loved ones this year.  It's very hard to get through the holidays for them.  Give them a call, visit them and talk about their lost loved one.  Tell stories, laugh and cry with them.  It won't upset them to talk and remember.  It helps with the healing process.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Friends and good times.

I went out last week to a new Indian restaurant with my friend Kathy.  It was wonderful.  Such a good buffet and the company was great as well.  Kathy invited me to her house for Christmas.  She told me not to bring anything.   Wellllll I really think I should so I got her grandkids some little things to play with.  Ha, she can't say anything about that, right?

On Sunday evening I was invited to a Christmas program at the church I used to go to (I'm going to try to go occasionally there but it's 20-25 minutes away from my house).  It was a very talented pianist.  He teaches music at the local college and he is sooooo good.  He did an hour of music and history behind the Christmas songs he played. It was very interesting and entertaining.  The preacher called out Encore, Encore!  He didn't have anything planned so he played an 80's song and worked up a real sweat doing it.

Today I went and took out my friend, Tammy, for her birthday.  I got her a present and she got all choked up.  She said most of the time everyone forgets since her birthday is so close to the holidays.  We went to the Yellow Deli in Pulaski.  If you have one of these restaurants in your area, you have to go.  It's delicious.  They serve just soup, salad and sandwiches.  Reasonably priced and big portions.  We even went shopping afterwards to Regenerations just down the street.  It has antiques and crafts.  I bought a couple of brooches.  We had a good time but Tammy's foot was starting to bother her (she had it operated on last week) and I had to get back to work so we called it a day.

Have you been getting out of the house to enjoy family and friends?  I hope so.  It's important.  Life is short, enjoy it while you can!


PS:  Oh yeah I started exercising today.  Let's see how long this lasts.