Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I had to share some of the things I have gotten off Ebay.  I have another collection started LOL.  Yeah didn't really need to start another one, really I didn't but here they are....

This is from an artist in Russia.  These are the stamps on the package.  Pretty interesting and surprisingly it doesn't take very long to get a package from Russia.

As I said, she is an artist.  Here is the little baby Kangaroo.  She has her own bed and even a little sucker in her pocket. She is all crocheted and is less than 5 inches long.  Her legs and arms move.  
This is another of her crocheted creations.  It is a fox and he has removable clothes and shoes and a kerchief on his head.  His legs and arms move also.  He is also 5 inches tall.  His fur is created just by brushing the yarn.  So cute!Then I ordered two more creations from Canada this time.  These came in these two boxes.  Very professional packaging.

These were both sewn and are about 5 inches in height.  The first one is a little girl.  She has a hat and collar and dress.  They are unremovable sewn right onto the little bear.  Her arms and legs and head move.  

And here is her companion, a little bunny!  She is also wearing a hat, dress and collar that are sewn right onto her body.  She is the same height and her head, arms and legs move.  So that's the first part of my collection.  Yes I got some more that I'll post later on.

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