Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas alone

Please remember all the people who have lost loved ones this year.  It's very hard to get through the holidays for them.  Give them a call, visit them and talk about their lost loved one.  Tell stories, laugh and cry with them.  It won't upset them to talk and remember.  It helps with the healing process.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Friends and good times.

I went out last week to a new Indian restaurant with my friend Kathy.  It was wonderful.  Such a good buffet and the company was great as well.  Kathy invited me to her house for Christmas.  She told me not to bring anything.   Wellllll I really think I should so I got her grandkids some little things to play with.  Ha, she can't say anything about that, right?

On Sunday evening I was invited to a Christmas program at the church I used to go to (I'm going to try to go occasionally there but it's 20-25 minutes away from my house).  It was a very talented pianist.  He teaches music at the local college and he is sooooo good.  He did an hour of music and history behind the Christmas songs he played. It was very interesting and entertaining.  The preacher called out Encore, Encore!  He didn't have anything planned so he played an 80's song and worked up a real sweat doing it.

Today I went and took out my friend, Tammy, for her birthday.  I got her a present and she got all choked up.  She said most of the time everyone forgets since her birthday is so close to the holidays.  We went to the Yellow Deli in Pulaski.  If you have one of these restaurants in your area, you have to go.  It's delicious.  They serve just soup, salad and sandwiches.  Reasonably priced and big portions.  We even went shopping afterwards to Regenerations just down the street.  It has antiques and crafts.  I bought a couple of brooches.  We had a good time but Tammy's foot was starting to bother her (she had it operated on last week) and I had to get back to work so we called it a day.

Have you been getting out of the house to enjoy family and friends?  I hope so.  It's important.  Life is short, enjoy it while you can!


PS:  Oh yeah I started exercising today.  Let's see how long this lasts.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Slapping myself

Yeah I did a dumb thing today.  I locked myself out of the mind whatsoever.  I had my wallet and my car keys but no purse with house keys in it and no cell phone.  I went to the local hardware store and asked if they knew of a locksmith, they did and started to write down his number and then I had to ask to use their phone.  The guy was very nice and let me and even dialed the number.  The locksmith came to the house and proceeded to try to pick the lock.  Yes, I said tried.  1960's locks are pretty sturdy little things and he couldn't get it to open...

So he went around the house looking at the windows (they are all locked) and tried the back door which was locked and chained and then finally went around to the front door where glory be it wasn't fastened all the way but the chain was in place.  Doggone thought it was shut.  He had to take the molding off the side of the door in order to get me in.  He even reinstalled the molding for me which was really nice.  So glad he got me in without having to go to the next step which was drilling out the lock.  All's well that ends well.

Now tell me why I left my purse in the house and only took my wallet...I don't know.  Old Timer's disease LOL

What have all of you been up to?  Lock yourselves out lately?

Keeping my purse and keys close,

Thursday, December 3, 2015

New life, new friends and good times

Well just to keep you updated if anyone is actually reading this, I sold my house in Alabama and then bought a 3 bedroom house in TN.  My mom is coming to live with me.  She's alone, I'm alone so we'll be alone together, LOL.  It's taking me a while to move as I have to do it when I have time.  Work has been slamming me which is good in one way but bad in another, if you know what I mean.  Getting furniture again is something.  So expensive and I really have to rely on my friends to get it here when I don't buy in a store.  I still need a couch but things are looking better even though I don't have all the boxes and bags unpacked.

I had two dogs for a while but after I got them fixed (one was a female and the other was a male) the female went missing.  Another female showed up a few months later, a black lab mix, and I was going to keep her but she turned out to be more of an attack dog, she attacked the neighbors goats and I couldn't deal with that.  She also was snapping at me so I called the local dog catcher and they came and got her.  I still have the male dog, Buddy and he is a sweety.  I only had the one cat, Tikki, but when I was looking at houses there was one that had some kittens and one of them was black so of course I had to have him.  He is such a lovebug :)  He makes me laugh and I really needed to do that since I was under pressure with buying the house.  Now that I am in the new house, Buddy is outside and the cats are inside.  I tried to have Buddy in here but he decided that the carpet was yard and did his business several times even after being corrected about it and he chased the cats all over.  Like have wild kingdom in the house... so he is outside and he likes it out there.  Although he has to stop barking at the deer.  The guy that hooked up my internet was surprised at how happy Buddy was to see him.  Well he called him Buddy when he saw him so of course he's his friend now :)  Maybe I should have picked another name?

Getting everything out of the storage shed is a bummer.  There were mice in there.  They didn't get into my yarn thanks to having storage bins made out of cedar chips but they got into the cardboard boxes and pooped everywhere.  Such a mess.  Of course having everything in the shed for two years didn't help either but I am slowly cleaning things up and putting them away which is why it's taking me so long to get things put away here.

Well will close for now,
Hope you all have a good one!


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Moving on

Well I sold my house in Alabama sort of...The buyers were waiting for some paperwork to come in and today the realtor called me and they had gotten that paperwork in.  YAY! it has to go through another government office for approval (BOO) and they are backed up over ten days...

Praying that everyone gets their s@!* together soon.   The buyers have already moved in and are paying rent until we get the paperwork done.   I was so happy to get a refund check of the deposit from the electric company yesterday.  No more paying for utilities on that house, no more worrying about mowing the yard.

Been looking for another house up here in TN.  I want something I love not just like cause I don't plan on moving again if I can help it but you know the best laid plans...

The dogs are doing well and the cat is doing well.  I went fleaing yesterday and will try to post pics here soon of what I got.  Not a lot but some really pretty things.

Talk to you later!


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Just a quick note...

to let you know that I'm still here.  Just waiting to sign the papers yet for selling my home in Alabama.  Then I'll be looking for a home in Tennessee.  I've had enough of the cabin.  Will update you when something happens!


Friday, April 10, 2015

spring is here

I'm hanging in there. I won't lie to you, it's been hard. My cat and dog are happy and healthy. It's been raining off and on the past couple of weeks and did I mention it's spring? So rain plus warmer weather equals mowing. So yesterday I went out to start up the ol John Deere and
nothing. Nada. Not even a click. Hmmm. Opened up the hood. Now I don't know much about mowers but I think I need a new battery and maybe just maybe those chewed on nutshell shouldn't be under the hood. Just a guess but I don't think they're supposed to be there. So my friend's husband is coming over to check the battery and maybe he'll be able to help me get all those nuts out. Crazy squirrel anyway lol. I'll have to take a picture of it.