Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thoughts on "2012"

Well we went out with our friends to that new movie "2012"  It was pretty fast paced.  It bothered me about the fact that all these rich b's thought they could just grab a bunch of animals and would be able to repopulate the earth though.  Just cause you have money and can read doesnt mean you can do the farming thing!  If you get a chance though go see it and let me know what you think.  We had a good time though.  While I was looking up the movies and their times I saw an ad for a new movie coming out in December called "The Lovely Bones"  Ohhh it looks good and Peter Jackson is directing.  I so want to see this movie.  It looks like it has Oscar written all over it.

I didnt go out on Black Friday.  Too many people!  I just stayed home and enjoyed my day off.  I watched TCM most of the day and made speghetti for DH.  Not my favorite but he loved it and took some with him for lunch today.

I went out for lunch at the local Chinese restaurant after I went to Hobby Lobby.  I needed a few items to finish up my gift for my secret sister's Christmas gift.  I have everything now so will be sewing like mad tomorrow to finish it up completely and then it is off to the post office to be mailed out by Wednesday.  Might need another couple of days if I dont finish it up tomorrow.  They sure were busy at Hobby Lobby today though!  I had to hit the clearance racks and of course they had some stuff on sale...I really shouldnt go to craft stores I spend way too much.  But I did finish up my Christmas shopping.  Most of everything I got online but found a few more things at HL. 

Hope all of you had a very Happy Thanksgiving with your families!

Talk to ya later!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy T-Day Everyone!

My DH and I celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday since he has to work on Thanksgiving.  Kroger is open so he has to work.  We had ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy.  I even made a pumpkin pie but forgot to do any veggies.  DH said the potatoes are a veggie.  Yes they are but something green would have been nice.  Oh well.  Our oldest cat of course needed some ham.  He doesnt really need ham just what DH said ;)  Since Molly's infected tooth fell out he has been feeling better.  The price the vet charges to clean teeth or extract one is outragious and they would have to knock the poor old thing out to do it which isnt a good thing since he is so old.  He had lost his other front incisor last year so now he doesnt have any.  He is near to 20 years old and still in pretty good health although he cant keep himself as clean as he used to.  We will need to give him his holiday bath.  He doesnt try to get out of the bathtub just sits there and meows pitifully and upsets the rest of the cats so they hide.  They know what's coming! :)

We are supposed to be going out on Thanksgiving with our friends to see a movie.  Will have to see what one since we will have to make it for evening after DH gets home.  Will keep you posted on what we see and how it was.

Eat lots of turkey or tofu for T-Day!

Talk to you later!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh and before I forget

Dont forget to tie one on!  Apron that is this Thanksgiving. 

I am a terrible, terrible person.  Please beat me with wet noodles.  I cannot believe it has been so long since I posted anything.  It's not that anything exciting has happened but I should be posting more often.  I just wanted to say Happy T-Day to everyone.  I am very thankful to have a roof over my head, food on the table, a loving husband.  But I am most thankful for still having my mind cause you know you can lose it very easily :) 

I have been busy with work.  They finally found me someone to back me up when I am off.  Well they actually found a few people to type the one Indian doc I do but unfortunately all four of them they decided to send out my other doc and that has gone along quite well actually.  The Indian doc is going to be out the same two weeks I am taking off and no she isnt taking me with her although I did joke about it to my co-worker.  Yes we are so close she is taking me to India!  lol.  

We got our fence up and my peas are growing so big.  We are supposed to get a frost so I will have to cover them so they make it.  The raspberries finally gave up the ghost and the final berries were picked on the weekend.   I need to cut them back now.  DH burned the other branches last week.  I went out to help him and ended up smelling like smoke for the rest of the day yuck.

My secret sister was finally revealed and now I am participating in the Christmas secret sister.  If anyone is interested in joining in just go to MaryJane's Farm and sign up.  I had a wonderful time finding goodies and sending them out for my secret sister.  There are all kinds of things on her site and lots of info on just about anything you can imagine.

I signed up for the Lord of the Rings Sock Club again for this next year.  This was my Christmas present to myself.  I belonged to it this year and the yarn and patterns were excellent.   Now if I could only find more time to knit.  Too bad I need to work! 

I hope all of you have a very wonderful Thanksgiving this year. 

Talk to you soon,