Sunday, December 13, 2009

The lights are up!

Yes finally!  and I even put up tinsel outside as well!  Will wonders ever cease to exist.  Now to clean the house and wrap presents and then I will be ready for the parents to come.  They cant come before I get everything clean  DH is fighting a sore throat and not to grumpy actually which is surprising.  I hope I dont get it.  It was misting today and overcast.  I am cleaning out my Christmas decorations and getting rid of some of this stuff.  I cant believe how much I have.  Had to yell at Penny and Tikki.  They wanted to get up under and into the tree.  I only have a 4' one up.  Then Penny decided to play with her ball underneath the tree and around the back of the tree.  See me rolling my eyes...cats!  I finished a pair of socks for DH and he loved them and actually wore them to work.  I am half way finished with one sock so he will have another pair soon.  I'm still working on THE KIMONO SWEATER.  I typed that in all caps because IT IS BIG!  A lot of knitting and purling and sighing cause it's kind of boring.  It's all one piece and I knit and I knit and I knit and it just doesnt seem to be getting as long as it should be.  I dont know what I am doing wrong.  Next time I am going to do one on one of my knitting machines.  It will be so much faster.

Talk to ya later!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

bond magazines

I just wanted any of you who have a bond machine to check out Suzy Ranner's blog.  She has gotten permission to copy some of her Bond mags and she has links to them.  They are free.  Who can pass that up?  Granted some of the styles are dated but change the colors or make them with just one color and there you go.  Cant pass up free patterns.  There should be a link to her blog here as I follow it.

Talk to ya later!


Monday, December 7, 2009

My pantry is full!

I went shopping on Friday and my pantry is now full!  Had to get some soups and such for my folks.  Yes Dad I did get you some pickles too! ;) I even got a ham and a turkey.  Couldnt decide which one to get so I got both.  We will be eating high on the hog or 

I went looking for a little flag for my flag holder I got at Big Lots but no dice.  Might have to go to KMart or Wally World and see if they might have one.  The flag holder only holds a small flag about maybe 10 or so inches.  I hope I can find some for other holidays.  I only got one for Thanksgiving.

I doubled up on my socks and now my feet are toasty warm :)  Have been trying to fight off a headache that I have had for a couple of days.  Its not real bad just niggling in the back of my head and neck.  Hurts to turn too fast.  Tried stretching it out and it did help some.  I hate Arthur I wish he would just go away.  He's a pain in my neck!  giggle...

We have a flat on our truck and DH is going to go on his day off and get it fixed.  Hope we dont need to buy another one.  This one has gone flat before. 

I will have the house decorated by this weekend.  There I said it.  It's written right here...I cannot get out of it now. 

Talk to ya later!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow in Alabama

I think there is a song in that title!  It snowed last night and we got about 1/8 of an inch maybe.  DH had to work today and there were some people who called off...hmmm.  Icy driveways they said...hmmm.  It was 27 when I got up this morning and we might have had maybe 45 as a high so by mid morning most of the snow was gone.  Since it was Saturday and a game day there weren't too many people driving up and down our street.  I guess Alabama won.  I didnt watch it but the neighbors did and you could hear them hollering. 

My feet are so cold even with my wool socks on.  Might have to double up on them tonight.  Yeah I know its not as cold here as it is up north but our floor is a concrete slab and you know that is cold.  We lit the fireplace last night just cause.  It was nice. 

Hope everyone keeps warm tonight!

Talk to ya later!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Boob squishing day

Yes I went for my mammogram like a good girl!  Got em squished real good and even had to have the left one done again cause she didnt get a good picture.  Wonder if anyone ever had one pop on them...hmmm.  Yes I'm runs in the family really it does.

I got my secret sister's Christmas gift finished today and packed up.  I even left early for my mammogram so I could stop at the post office and mail it.  But...they are closed by 11:30 on Wednesday.  Hmph.  So I went for my mammogram and after checking in sat down with my Kindle thinking I could read some. guessed it, it was dead as a doornail.  Wouldnt even come on at all.  I think maybe I need a new battery for it.

I think little Penny missed me.  She followed me around after I came back and is now laying on my lap purring away.  DH is listening/watching the metal music channel, Molly, Roxy and Tikki are sleeping.  I will be working for a little while until Ghost Hunters comes on.

Talk to ya later!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I think I am done

with my Christmas shopping that is!  I ordered some things off the internet and they are slowly coming in.  Now to get up my decorations and get everything wrapped.  I am going to go through all my decorations too and get rid of a lot of stuff.  If I can.  Amazing how much stuff you can accumulate and get attached to.  I tried to do this with my yarn but...  You can finish the sentence.   Yeah I didnt get rid of much...:)

I am going to try to post something every day this month.  Think I can do it?  I am lousy at writing back to people too so we will see.  I might even get some pics posted...maybe. 

I tried to send a pic to the girls at work but the powers that be have decided you cant send pics unless it is an I had to resend it as an attachment.  You would think that this would be a bad thing to open up an attachment.  Guess not. 

I got a new calendar the other day full of cross stitch.  I havent been doing much cross stitch lately, well actually this year but the calendar is inspiring and might have to get out my floss, fabric and needles and make some of the things in the calendar.

It has been weird weather here.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow and was kinda cloudy out today but the temps have been in the 50's.  DH has off tomorrow and was hoping to get out on his bike until I looked in the paper and they said it was 100% chance of rain.  Maybe it will rain early tomorrow or really late tomorrow so he can get out.  It calms him down and me too...It is such an uproar when he is home all day and I am used to quiet with me and just the cats most days.

Talk to ya later!


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thoughts on "2012"

Well we went out with our friends to that new movie "2012"  It was pretty fast paced.  It bothered me about the fact that all these rich b's thought they could just grab a bunch of animals and would be able to repopulate the earth though.  Just cause you have money and can read doesnt mean you can do the farming thing!  If you get a chance though go see it and let me know what you think.  We had a good time though.  While I was looking up the movies and their times I saw an ad for a new movie coming out in December called "The Lovely Bones"  Ohhh it looks good and Peter Jackson is directing.  I so want to see this movie.  It looks like it has Oscar written all over it.

I didnt go out on Black Friday.  Too many people!  I just stayed home and enjoyed my day off.  I watched TCM most of the day and made speghetti for DH.  Not my favorite but he loved it and took some with him for lunch today.

I went out for lunch at the local Chinese restaurant after I went to Hobby Lobby.  I needed a few items to finish up my gift for my secret sister's Christmas gift.  I have everything now so will be sewing like mad tomorrow to finish it up completely and then it is off to the post office to be mailed out by Wednesday.  Might need another couple of days if I dont finish it up tomorrow.  They sure were busy at Hobby Lobby today though!  I had to hit the clearance racks and of course they had some stuff on sale...I really shouldnt go to craft stores I spend way too much.  But I did finish up my Christmas shopping.  Most of everything I got online but found a few more things at HL. 

Hope all of you had a very Happy Thanksgiving with your families!

Talk to ya later!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy T-Day Everyone!

My DH and I celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday since he has to work on Thanksgiving.  Kroger is open so he has to work.  We had ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy.  I even made a pumpkin pie but forgot to do any veggies.  DH said the potatoes are a veggie.  Yes they are but something green would have been nice.  Oh well.  Our oldest cat of course needed some ham.  He doesnt really need ham just what DH said ;)  Since Molly's infected tooth fell out he has been feeling better.  The price the vet charges to clean teeth or extract one is outragious and they would have to knock the poor old thing out to do it which isnt a good thing since he is so old.  He had lost his other front incisor last year so now he doesnt have any.  He is near to 20 years old and still in pretty good health although he cant keep himself as clean as he used to.  We will need to give him his holiday bath.  He doesnt try to get out of the bathtub just sits there and meows pitifully and upsets the rest of the cats so they hide.  They know what's coming! :)

We are supposed to be going out on Thanksgiving with our friends to see a movie.  Will have to see what one since we will have to make it for evening after DH gets home.  Will keep you posted on what we see and how it was.

Eat lots of turkey or tofu for T-Day!

Talk to you later!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh and before I forget

Dont forget to tie one on!  Apron that is this Thanksgiving. 

I am a terrible, terrible person.  Please beat me with wet noodles.  I cannot believe it has been so long since I posted anything.  It's not that anything exciting has happened but I should be posting more often.  I just wanted to say Happy T-Day to everyone.  I am very thankful to have a roof over my head, food on the table, a loving husband.  But I am most thankful for still having my mind cause you know you can lose it very easily :) 

I have been busy with work.  They finally found me someone to back me up when I am off.  Well they actually found a few people to type the one Indian doc I do but unfortunately all four of them they decided to send out my other doc and that has gone along quite well actually.  The Indian doc is going to be out the same two weeks I am taking off and no she isnt taking me with her although I did joke about it to my co-worker.  Yes we are so close she is taking me to India!  lol.  

We got our fence up and my peas are growing so big.  We are supposed to get a frost so I will have to cover them so they make it.  The raspberries finally gave up the ghost and the final berries were picked on the weekend.   I need to cut them back now.  DH burned the other branches last week.  I went out to help him and ended up smelling like smoke for the rest of the day yuck.

My secret sister was finally revealed and now I am participating in the Christmas secret sister.  If anyone is interested in joining in just go to MaryJane's Farm and sign up.  I had a wonderful time finding goodies and sending them out for my secret sister.  There are all kinds of things on her site and lots of info on just about anything you can imagine.

I signed up for the Lord of the Rings Sock Club again for this next year.  This was my Christmas present to myself.  I belonged to it this year and the yarn and patterns were excellent.   Now if I could only find more time to knit.  Too bad I need to work! 

I hope all of you have a very wonderful Thanksgiving this year. 

Talk to you soon,


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rain again

The fence guys did not come today because of the rain.  DH has added it up and we have had 22 inches of rain here in the last three weeks.  It stopped raining around lunch time but then was still overcast most of the day with a little bit of sunshine peeking through at 12 pm.  Cant wait for the fence to be up.  Cant stand that little yippy dog next door.  Dont understand people who let their dogs out and then proceed to ignore their barking for hours and HOURS at a time.  They dont go out to play with them just let them out to BARK ALL THE TIME.  Especially the little terrier thing next door.  Dont get me wrong I love dogs and the two bigger dogs that are in there with the little yippy one are great.  They only bark if someone is in their yard or someone is coming to their door.  The little yippy one on the other hand has decided that no one can be in their yard and he must bark if they are...

Anyway I am trying to look on the bright side...the house with little yippy dog is a rental and usually the renters only last six months to a year so hopefully they will be moving in the early spring.  I think our fence will help out too.  Maybe if he cannot see us he will not bark at us.  One can only hope.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New fence

Well Sutton Fence crew came today to start the fence.  I thought they were just going to measure it out and mark it but they were here to actually set the posts.  They dug the holes and cemented the 4x4's in.  They made a lot of dirt...dont know what we are going to do with a bunch of dirt.  I know make MUDPIES!!!  Put worms and snails in them and then garnish them with all those nice rocks we have in the back yard, yum...

Seriously they are supposed to come back tomorrow and put the fence panels up.  They even left their truck here parked out on the street.  Hope it's OK til morning.  Wouldnt want all their supplies come up missing or anything.

Raspberries are still producing and DH planted some spinach today.  I typed.  DH had off.  It pretty much sucked...:(

Talk to ya later!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yes I know, I know

I'm just a lazy turd...but I have been working my butt off. turd, butt :) But here is the new blog for today. The news is that they have finally gotten someone to back me up at work when I am off. The bad news is that she is freaking out a little bit not understanding the Indian Doc. No one seems to understand her, I do but noone else...weird. Maybe my eardrums are made different, ya think? Anyway now I get to check over her dictation to make sure that there are no goofs. Like I have time...sigh.

We are getting a fence! Yay! I called several fence companies and they came out and gave us estimates and gave us literature on the fences. Lots of choices if you have the money to spend. We're going to get the wood one though cause the vinyl ones are twice the price. DH had to go out today and move the compost pile and cut down some weeds that were growing over the summer behind the compost bin. He cut down one ragweed that had a trunk as big as a small tree. I cut down some of the raspberry vines that had not produced anything. We still have berries on some of them so will have to wait to cut them back. We are going to burn them because the books we have read say that you do that so that all of the diseases stay away from them. Hope it works. I promise to take pics of the fence being built. Yeah I know I still have pics on my camera that need downloaded to here and I will get to them...I need a body double I think.

Next on our list is a greenhouse and then a chicken coop and then chickens and then...and then...and then (small joke for those of you who watch movies "dude")

I saw one of my old co-workers today. While transferring some money from the one bank where we have our savings to the other bank where we have our checking, there she was behind the counter! I have not seen B for a long time. She worked where I do part time and went to college the other half. She just graduated two wks ago and got a job at the bank last week. She was very lucky. Hard for college grads to get a job right now. We might go out for lunch some day. It would be really nice to catch up. I didnt want to get her in trouble for talking to me for too long although they werent busy at the bank.

DH and I went out for Indian food tonight. Yum. We always have leftovers the next day. I got the chicken Bhirani. It was supposed to be medium but boy was it hot. DH didnt believe me since he got medium too but he tasted it and asked me if I ordered hot... geez no (rolling eyes) I never order hot...How long has he been married to me? and he was sitting right there when I ordered. Not very observant is he? :)

Well isnt my life just so interesting? Let me know what you are all doing and no I didnt say yall lol. Athough the Indian Doc did say yall on her dictation the other day cracked me up...


Thursday, September 10, 2009

New blog to check out!

There is a blog I have just discovered and I think you might like it too! Check it out! They have great vintage stuff.

I took some pics and will try to have them up this week. Busy at work you know!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rainy Saturday here

It just poured for about 2 hours here today. Luckily I went to the market and got some groceries. They were having a really good sale on bananas and meat. What a combination. The checkout girl was probably wondering what the...? Anyway I went early enough to beat the crowds and got back before it started to rain. DH and I ordered some more plants for the garden tonight. So we will have something to do on DH's day off in 9 days. Nine days straight...yuck. He will be such a happy person the whole time as well. ;)

I have been working on a pair of socks and will get them done this week, cross my fingers. I will be able to post a pic of them soon! I have so many UFO's I'll be 100 yrs old before I complete them

Well that's all for now kind of short I know but I must go kill Tikki...not really but if I dont do it DH will. Tikki is sooooo quiet during the day snoozing on my chair...then around 10 pm he starts..Singing not good singing just short aggravating high pitched sounds that are not at any regular interval which is real nice when you are trying to sleep. Trying is the key word. I have tried to feed him, make a big fuss over him, play with him but nothing works. I think he thinks because he's up everyone should be up including the other cats. He wakes up Molly who because he's 19 yrs old only thinks about eating and sleeping so you wake him up he thinks it is time to eat. Then Molly gets into the act by jumping up on the bed and licking your arms. Our other two cats are really quiet and dont get into the act at all. Anyway now Tikki has stopped. He will wait about half an hour after I go to bed to start up again. Pets arent they wonderful ;)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Write to ya later!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

new garden pics for your enjoyment...:)

I know I have been remiss (my big word for the day :) about getting some garden pics up so here are some. Since we live in Alabama our garden is just about done at least for the first harvest. We are planning on planting some things for a late fall/early winter harvest soon though.

First up- concord grapes. Not a lot but this is the first year producing for them.

Yes we have morning glories...a lot of them. They are like weeds here. If you want some I will gladly

My hibiscus did well this year. lots of blooms.

This is one of my sunflowers. I planted a lot but only two came up. Not to worry though the plants themselves have multiple flowers on them so will save some for planting next year and give the birds a treat this winter.

This is my butterfly bush. Didnt have many butterflies this year though. Anyone else have that problem?

This is what a Jerusalem artichoke flower looks like. They get really tall too. I think they must be related to sunflowers.

Well that's all for now. Next up some knitting pics!
Have fun and write once in a while wouldja?

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Jelly Excursion...

Well I tried to make lime marmelade a couple of days ago and it didnt set so I reprocessed it yesterday. Half of it has jelled in the jar and half is liquid. I guess I will wait for a couple of weeks to see if it does set cause according to the directions it might take up to two weeks to set. I got the recipe out of "The Big Book of Preserving the Harvest". I got all the ingredients to make ginger jam and spiced peach jam waiting in the frig. But first I am making dilly beans. Need to find something to make with the peas too. I only have a hot water canner and not a pressure canner so everything has to be either jam/jellies or pickled.

DH went out and actually picked the cabbage the other day. I told him there were slugs all over them yuck. We had enough to make sauerkraut. This is the first time we have done this so we will see how it turns out. Just mixed the shredded cabbage with sea salt and put it in a big jar I had. To weight it down and keep the air out we used a kitchen garbage bag filled with water. Hope it works...

Don't know whether I mentioned it before but DH got a grinder to flake his own oatmeal. He even grinds his own flaxseed which he puts on his oatmeal in the morning. Next we will have to get the veggie attachment! We even got a big bucket full of organic oats from the same place. The company name is Pleasant Hill Grain and they were very fast with their shipping. The grinder is made in Germany and is very good quality.

I have pics of the garden and will post later. They are mostly of the flowers because our garden is almost done. We are going to plant some more cool weather seeds next week. We will be able to harvest them up til November then.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

wow it's been a while

Sorry I havent posted in a while. It's summer what can I say? I basically have no excuse. On the crafting front, I have been crocheting a baby blanket and two little ponchos for some very special little girls who shall remain nameless and I will not be posting a pic until they get their gifts.

The garden is doing well as can be expected with the weird weather going on right now. Our tomatoes are not doing so hot. We had a bout of cooler weather which the beans and peas loved and they even sprouted new flowers but the tomatoes did not like it at all. I guess we are not the only ones not to have good weather in the US though. I bought some limes and am going to try to make some lime marmelade. I have never made jelly or jam before so this should be interesting. I bought a new canner a couple of weeks ago and would love to get a pressure cooker at some point. It all stems from a new book I got. It has so many recipes in it. Oh the ginger jam looks sooooo good with apples as a base and crystalized ginger it it. Might have to try it as well.

DH is getting another bike. He will then have four. yes I said four...sigh. He even has his own "bike room" where he stores all his bikey things. Is that a word? Well it's only fair since I have a computer/craft room.

Work was a bear on Friday and Monday with my partner being off and me covering for her. It amazes me when people call you at 10:30 and need dictation for 6 people done by noon. Not like they didnt know they needed it before Monday. But she was back today YAH!

We now have a bird that likes to sit on the flag pole outside on the porch and tease my little kittens...well all except Molly, he could care less. He was snoring on the couch while the others were lined up at the storm door acting like they were going to have lunch soon ;) And then tonight a new pal came around for Penny to get upset with. Penny is our resident guard cat. Yes she doesnt like the UPS guy and growled at him the last time he came to the door. So funny.

Well I will try to get some pics up of some finished things I have almost done so you can take a look see.

Friday, June 19, 2009

More new pics!

Ok first things first.

CLEANING TIP: The first pic shows my stainless steel sink. The bowl on the left I cleaned with Borax and the one on the right shows how stained it was. Pretty disgusting I know but its a good cleaning tip and I didn't have to scrub that hard. It looks like a brand new sink. I have tried Borax on the bathtub as well and it gets all the soap scum off.

The grapes in June.

These tigerlilies started to bloom. I thought they were dead. We planted them 2-3 years ago.

Here's my glads. I must have at least 8 of them blooming right now.

I planted some bulbs a year ago and thought they were not going to come up but they did. Don't ask me what this is though. Some type of lillies.

Here is Roxy and Penny playing in the kitchen. Ain't they cute?

First batch of blueberries. I put a nickel in the bucket so you could see how big they are.

and finally here is potato leek soup I made on 6/9. It was so good but I need to cut the recipe in half next time. We were eating this for three days straight and I even was eating it for lunch. Love the soup but not that much :)

Pictures of the garden in May

Here are some pictures of some of the plants we have in the garden. These were taken in May so they are a lot bigger now...

These are really really tiny itty bitty grapes. See them?

These are the tomato plants, just blossoms no tomatoes yet.
Here are the blueberries. I am now picking them.

This is one of the raspberries.

Baby Cabbages...


Jerusalum artichokes.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My time off

I had such a great three days off! On Monday I worked on piecing together a couple of quilt tops. I didnt get finished with them but I worked on them ;) Tuesday DH had off and we weeded the garden and went out for supper. Then on Wednesday I decided I had had enough of being at home and went shopping. I stopped at the Hobby Lobby to get some more soap fixings for DH and bought some "other things" for me. Yes DH is making soap. I got him a soap maker (it just heats up the glycerin base) and molds so he has something to do on rainy days. I told him he needed a rainy day hobby mostly because I have lots of crafts to do and some I have to concentrate on and I just cant listen to him talk about work all

After going to Hobby Lobby I was sooooo hungry I decided to stop in at Dreamland for a salad and iced tea BY MYSELF! Yes I sat there BY MYSELF and ate my lunch. I wasnt the only one there sitting BY MYSELF though. I think if there are any single women reading this they should definitely go to Dreamland at around 1 pm. There are some older gentleman who eat there around this time. They are probably engineers from the Arsenal. Oh that salad was soooo good. I got their smaller salad half chicken and half pork. Iced tea was very good too.

Then I stopped at Kroger cause I had run out of laundry soap. Got the soap and went around to the meat department but didnt see DH. He told me later he was probably back in the cooler or unloading a truck. He hates the cooler and freezer. All in all I had a very nice day. Came home did some laundry and knitted. Who could ask for more?

Then Thursday and Friday and today I am typing, typing and typing. These docs just need to see less people or not see them everyday at least :)

Well I need to get back to typing so take care for now.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Days off!

Yes folks I am taking some time off! One of the docs is going to be off for a whole week so my work buddy (boss) asked if I wanted any time off and I said sure! I would have been nuts to say I took off three days :) I worked on my quilt on Memorial Day and will put some more time in on it during that time off. I have to finish up sewing the blocks and then iron them all. Finally I'll lay them all out on either the bed or the floor for block placement. I'm leaning towards the bed idea if I can get Molly and Tikki to sleep somewhere else. It would be much easier than on the floor. Cause then I would have an audience. Cats seem to like to walk on things you are doing on the floor, the table, your lap, you get the And Penny likes to push her head under things and try to hide under them like papers and such so I think she would really like the quilt blocks though I don't think she could actually hide under them. She would have a good time trying though!

I will try to download some pics from my camera later. Need to get back to work!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Toilet chuckle

DH put the old toilet out front to be taken by the garbage men. About three days later our neighbor across the street also put out his old toilet. This guy copies everything that the other neighbors do. Just had to chuckle about that...Kind of looks funny with two toilets being across from one another on the same street. Wonder if the other neighbors will be changing out their toilets as well?

some more pics

These are pics of the thyme and lavender plants out back.

Friday, May 22, 2009

New toilet!

These are the Jerusalem artichokes on April 30th. They are much bigger now. I'm looking for recipes for these. I hope I like them. We planted eggplant last year and discovered that neither of us likes them so did not plant them again this year even though we had a really good crop of them last year. They must be related to zuccini...

Yes we have put in a new toilet. It is a Jacuzzi (ooohhh ahhhh). The old toilet had been rocking and when DH tried to tighten it down he kinda cracked the bottom and it still rocked. So we went and bought one and then it sat in our bedroom for a couple of weeks until DH had off. We had problems of course. No problems taking the old one off except that the bolts were corroded. But DH got it out of there while I unpacked everything out of the box and then cleaned the floor arnd the old toilet. Surprisingly it did not stink at all...thought it would but it didn't. DH cleaned off the old wax and then I got out the screws to fit into the flange. They didn't fit...hmmm. DH tried every which way to try to get them to fit and the heads were just too big. There weren't any other screws that I could see anywhere so he got his trusty hacksaw and sawed off part of head and put them in the flange. He then put the wax seal on the main toilet part and carried over and we lined it up and dropped it. Well I noticed that there were some other screws in with the wax ring and guess what? Yes the screws that were to be on the flange were in with the wax ring...sigh. So after removing the toilet DH went to the hardware store and picked up another two screws. To make a long story short, we got the toilet in! And guess what it rocked! Seems our wonderful house builders didnt get the floor level. So we shimmed the stupid thing! Now it doesnt rock! Yay!! The seat is higher off the floor too and it uses a very small amount of water so it should save us money in the long run.

So DH and I have a new Kibow (for the Park family members out there, you know what I mean). The only thing is that it has a plastic seat but it should last I hope...

DH rotilled another patch so I could plant beans, peas and sunflowers. Dont know whether all the peas will come up though (the seeds were from 2004).


Thursday, May 21, 2009

New pics

These are some pics of my window boxes out front. The first pic is of some lemon thyme.
Then a shot of one of the window boxes, yes I know I need to weed...sigh.

The next shot is of some weird oregano that we got at the plant sale at the Botanical Gardens here in Huntsville. It has these really fleshy leaves on them and they are kinda fuzzy. Like I said weird.

This shot is of a new plant I got at the plant sale. I wish I would have gotten another one as well. It's a poppy called bubbles. It gets pink and yellow flowers on it one or two at a time. I think there have been about 7 or 8 flowers so far on this plant. I am very impressed...

This is what our seedlings looked like in March. We have since planted the ones that survived in the garden.

Some more seedling pics. These seemed to do better than the ones above. These were planted in Jiffy pots. The other kind was an off brand we got from a plant catalog. Jiffy pots rule!

Tomatoes and Kolrabi.

This is to prove that yes in Alabama we do have snow. These were taken March 1 of this year out my front door.

I will post some more pics soon. You're just sitting on the edge of your seat aren't cha? ;)
Out for now,

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is having a very nice holiday today. It is beautiful here, sunny and warm with just a slight breeze.

Hubby is working so I am here with the kittens. Everyone is sleeping except Tikki who is meowing to shrimpy. I will try to get a picture of shrimpy for you later.

We had some bad weather a couple of days ago. The wind was wicked! It blew off a few shingles from my friend Jen's house and a couple of other neighbors houses as well but we were lucky and nothing came off our roof.

Well all for now,

See ya later!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sponsor My Friend Jen at March for Babies!

My friend Jen is doing the March of Dimes walk in April. If you are interested in sponsoring her just click the button. They take credit cards and Paypal too!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Well I'm back again! Miss me? course ya did! Yesterday I went out for lunch with some of my buds. We went to a Greek restaurant and it was very good food and the company was wonderful. We are going to try to get together in March again.

After lunch I went with my friend Kathy to get some baby clothes at consignment yard sale type thingy. They had anything you might need for babies and toddlers. I helped her pick out some great clothes for her grandbaby. I have posted a picture before of Megan on here see below. It was fun looking at all the little bitty clothes and was especially great since I wasn't spending any of my money to do it :) lol.

After we were done Kathy dropped me off at my car and on the way home I stopped at Big Lots. They had some Looza juice so I got some of that. You never know what you are going to find when you go in.

I have taken some new photos. I think I am finally getting the hang of the digital camera although you have to forgive some of the pics as we are having overcast weather here. Today it has been raining. I went down to get the mail and pick up my morning paper and yes the paper was soaked again. The plastic they have covering it always seems to leak. Anyway here are some pics.

The first one is of an African violet I got for cheap at Home Depot. It is different from my other one that I have. Can't have too many plants. Well maybe if there is nowhere to sit or stand you should back off on the plants but other than that...

The next two are of our seedlings. These have gotten big enough to be out of the little domed house they were in and be put out on the windowsill in our kitchen. We just got another set of seed pellets so another 72 seedlings!

Here are two pics of a little beaded purse I did some time ago. As you can see it needs finished with a lining and a cord handle. It is beaded with delicas.

Here is a pic of the socks I did for myself. These were the first pair of lacy ones I did. The picture isn't true to the colors though sorry about that. They are blue, gray and white Opal. They have been very long wearing and although I wasnt too crazy about the color after I was finished I just love them. They go with a lot of different colors.

This is a pair I started for myself but found the pattern did not stretch enough for my fat ankles :( so my husband said that he would wear them. He has such little chicken and loves bright colors. I need to get a pic on here of him wearing the hat I made him. He even went to the yarn store and picked out the colors.

These are some of his purple socks. They are very soft.

These are his blue multi-striped ones.

And these are the austermann ones that I call his autumn socks. Love those fall colors.

And this is the last photo for today. This is a little MP3 player sock I made out of some sock remnants. It is a very soft blue varigated. It even has a little pocket for the earphones. I need to put a cord on it but it works quite well protecting it and the cords from curious kitties.

Well that's all for now hope to have more later this next week to talk about.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sunny day today!

Yes I really need to start doing this more often. Life just seems to be getting in the way though. ;0) Since this blog is supposed to have knitting on it, here is a pic of some socks I finished a while back. They were made with leftovers that I purchased on Ebay. Nothing fancy just plain socks. I made them over a year or two ago and they are holding up really well. The bottom part is Austermann step but I'm not really sure what the top is.

I will try to take pics of the other things I have made now that I have figured out my camera working with Vista.

On the 2nd of February I took these pics...

This is our spinach garden, lol. I just wanted everyone to see it does actually snow here. This is our accumulation which lasted oh about a couple of hours before the sun melted it.

This is a pic outside my backdoor. See the snow? wooohooo! Good thing I dont have to drive to work huh? Course everyone was at the grocery store the night before this big storm getting bread and milk. You think I'm kidding but I'm totally serious.
Well all for now here in Alabama.