Thursday, May 21, 2009

New pics

These are some pics of my window boxes out front. The first pic is of some lemon thyme.
Then a shot of one of the window boxes, yes I know I need to weed...sigh.

The next shot is of some weird oregano that we got at the plant sale at the Botanical Gardens here in Huntsville. It has these really fleshy leaves on them and they are kinda fuzzy. Like I said weird.

This shot is of a new plant I got at the plant sale. I wish I would have gotten another one as well. It's a poppy called bubbles. It gets pink and yellow flowers on it one or two at a time. I think there have been about 7 or 8 flowers so far on this plant. I am very impressed...

This is what our seedlings looked like in March. We have since planted the ones that survived in the garden.

Some more seedling pics. These seemed to do better than the ones above. These were planted in Jiffy pots. The other kind was an off brand we got from a plant catalog. Jiffy pots rule!

Tomatoes and Kolrabi.

This is to prove that yes in Alabama we do have snow. These were taken March 1 of this year out my front door.

I will post some more pics soon. You're just sitting on the edge of your seat aren't cha? ;)
Out for now,

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