Friday, May 22, 2009

New toilet!

These are the Jerusalem artichokes on April 30th. They are much bigger now. I'm looking for recipes for these. I hope I like them. We planted eggplant last year and discovered that neither of us likes them so did not plant them again this year even though we had a really good crop of them last year. They must be related to zuccini...

Yes we have put in a new toilet. It is a Jacuzzi (ooohhh ahhhh). The old toilet had been rocking and when DH tried to tighten it down he kinda cracked the bottom and it still rocked. So we went and bought one and then it sat in our bedroom for a couple of weeks until DH had off. We had problems of course. No problems taking the old one off except that the bolts were corroded. But DH got it out of there while I unpacked everything out of the box and then cleaned the floor arnd the old toilet. Surprisingly it did not stink at all...thought it would but it didn't. DH cleaned off the old wax and then I got out the screws to fit into the flange. They didn't fit...hmmm. DH tried every which way to try to get them to fit and the heads were just too big. There weren't any other screws that I could see anywhere so he got his trusty hacksaw and sawed off part of head and put them in the flange. He then put the wax seal on the main toilet part and carried over and we lined it up and dropped it. Well I noticed that there were some other screws in with the wax ring and guess what? Yes the screws that were to be on the flange were in with the wax ring...sigh. So after removing the toilet DH went to the hardware store and picked up another two screws. To make a long story short, we got the toilet in! And guess what it rocked! Seems our wonderful house builders didnt get the floor level. So we shimmed the stupid thing! Now it doesnt rock! Yay!! The seat is higher off the floor too and it uses a very small amount of water so it should save us money in the long run.

So DH and I have a new Kibow (for the Park family members out there, you know what I mean). The only thing is that it has a plastic seat but it should last I hope...

DH rotilled another patch so I could plant beans, peas and sunflowers. Dont know whether all the peas will come up though (the seeds were from 2004).


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