Friday, May 29, 2009

Days off!

Yes folks I am taking some time off! One of the docs is going to be off for a whole week so my work buddy (boss) asked if I wanted any time off and I said sure! I would have been nuts to say I took off three days :) I worked on my quilt on Memorial Day and will put some more time in on it during that time off. I have to finish up sewing the blocks and then iron them all. Finally I'll lay them all out on either the bed or the floor for block placement. I'm leaning towards the bed idea if I can get Molly and Tikki to sleep somewhere else. It would be much easier than on the floor. Cause then I would have an audience. Cats seem to like to walk on things you are doing on the floor, the table, your lap, you get the And Penny likes to push her head under things and try to hide under them like papers and such so I think she would really like the quilt blocks though I don't think she could actually hide under them. She would have a good time trying though!

I will try to download some pics from my camera later. Need to get back to work!



  1. Oh yes, Sparkles just decided he had to roll around on the soil I just overturned and planted 3 impatiens in. LOL
    I love the quilt you use as your ravatar on here. Where can I see it much larger?

    BTW We hardly took any pictures at the party. We got into the swing of things and then realized at the end that we should have designated someone as the photographer.

  2. Sorry Susan but that isnt a quilt. I got it off of Dover as a free clip art thingy. I wish it was a quilt though! I will be posting some pics of the quilts I'm working on in the future. Stayed tuned to this bat channel ;)


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