Sunday, August 23, 2009

new garden pics for your enjoyment...:)

I know I have been remiss (my big word for the day :) about getting some garden pics up so here are some. Since we live in Alabama our garden is just about done at least for the first harvest. We are planning on planting some things for a late fall/early winter harvest soon though.

First up- concord grapes. Not a lot but this is the first year producing for them.

Yes we have morning glories...a lot of them. They are like weeds here. If you want some I will gladly

My hibiscus did well this year. lots of blooms.

This is one of my sunflowers. I planted a lot but only two came up. Not to worry though the plants themselves have multiple flowers on them so will save some for planting next year and give the birds a treat this winter.

This is my butterfly bush. Didnt have many butterflies this year though. Anyone else have that problem?

This is what a Jerusalem artichoke flower looks like. They get really tall too. I think they must be related to sunflowers.

Well that's all for now. Next up some knitting pics!
Have fun and write once in a while wouldja?

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