Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rainy Saturday here

It just poured for about 2 hours here today. Luckily I went to the market and got some groceries. They were having a really good sale on bananas and meat. What a combination. The checkout girl was probably wondering what the...? Anyway I went early enough to beat the crowds and got back before it started to rain. DH and I ordered some more plants for the garden tonight. So we will have something to do on DH's day off in 9 days. Nine days straight...yuck. He will be such a happy person the whole time as well. ;)

I have been working on a pair of socks and will get them done this week, cross my fingers. I will be able to post a pic of them soon! I have so many UFO's I'll be 100 yrs old before I complete them

Well that's all for now kind of short I know but I must go kill Tikki...not really but if I dont do it DH will. Tikki is sooooo quiet during the day snoozing on my chair...then around 10 pm he starts..Singing not good singing just short aggravating high pitched sounds that are not at any regular interval which is real nice when you are trying to sleep. Trying is the key word. I have tried to feed him, make a big fuss over him, play with him but nothing works. I think he thinks because he's up everyone should be up including the other cats. He wakes up Molly who because he's 19 yrs old only thinks about eating and sleeping so you wake him up he thinks it is time to eat. Then Molly gets into the act by jumping up on the bed and licking your arms. Our other two cats are really quiet and dont get into the act at all. Anyway now Tikki has stopped. He will wait about half an hour after I go to bed to start up again. Pets arent they wonderful ;)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Write to ya later!

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