Monday, August 3, 2009

My Jelly Excursion...

Well I tried to make lime marmelade a couple of days ago and it didnt set so I reprocessed it yesterday. Half of it has jelled in the jar and half is liquid. I guess I will wait for a couple of weeks to see if it does set cause according to the directions it might take up to two weeks to set. I got the recipe out of "The Big Book of Preserving the Harvest". I got all the ingredients to make ginger jam and spiced peach jam waiting in the frig. But first I am making dilly beans. Need to find something to make with the peas too. I only have a hot water canner and not a pressure canner so everything has to be either jam/jellies or pickled.

DH went out and actually picked the cabbage the other day. I told him there were slugs all over them yuck. We had enough to make sauerkraut. This is the first time we have done this so we will see how it turns out. Just mixed the shredded cabbage with sea salt and put it in a big jar I had. To weight it down and keep the air out we used a kitchen garbage bag filled with water. Hope it works...

Don't know whether I mentioned it before but DH got a grinder to flake his own oatmeal. He even grinds his own flaxseed which he puts on his oatmeal in the morning. Next we will have to get the veggie attachment! We even got a big bucket full of organic oats from the same place. The company name is Pleasant Hill Grain and they were very fast with their shipping. The grinder is made in Germany and is very good quality.

I have pics of the garden and will post later. They are mostly of the flowers because our garden is almost done. We are going to plant some more cool weather seeds next week. We will be able to harvest them up til November then.

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