Tuesday, July 28, 2009

wow it's been a while

Sorry I havent posted in a while. It's summer what can I say? I basically have no excuse. On the crafting front, I have been crocheting a baby blanket and two little ponchos for some very special little girls who shall remain nameless and I will not be posting a pic until they get their gifts.

The garden is doing well as can be expected with the weird weather going on right now. Our tomatoes are not doing so hot. We had a bout of cooler weather which the beans and peas loved and they even sprouted new flowers but the tomatoes did not like it at all. I guess we are not the only ones not to have good weather in the US though. I bought some limes and am going to try to make some lime marmelade. I have never made jelly or jam before so this should be interesting. I bought a new canner a couple of weeks ago and would love to get a pressure cooker at some point. It all stems from a new book I got. It has so many recipes in it. Oh the ginger jam looks sooooo good with apples as a base and crystalized ginger it it. Might have to try it as well.

DH is getting another bike. He will then have four. yes I said four...sigh. He even has his own "bike room" where he stores all his bikey things. Is that a word? Well it's only fair since I have a computer/craft room.

Work was a bear on Friday and Monday with my partner being off and me covering for her. It amazes me when people call you at 10:30 and need dictation for 6 people done by noon. Not like they didnt know they needed it before Monday. But she was back today YAH!

We now have a bird that likes to sit on the flag pole outside on the porch and tease my little kittens...well all except Molly, he could care less. He was snoring on the couch while the others were lined up at the storm door acting like they were going to have lunch soon ;) And then tonight a new pal came around for Penny to get upset with. Penny is our resident guard cat. Yes she doesnt like the UPS guy and growled at him the last time he came to the door. So funny.

Well I will try to get some pics up of some finished things I have almost done so you can take a look see.

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