Monday, December 7, 2009

My pantry is full!

I went shopping on Friday and my pantry is now full!  Had to get some soups and such for my folks.  Yes Dad I did get you some pickles too! ;) I even got a ham and a turkey.  Couldnt decide which one to get so I got both.  We will be eating high on the hog or 

I went looking for a little flag for my flag holder I got at Big Lots but no dice.  Might have to go to KMart or Wally World and see if they might have one.  The flag holder only holds a small flag about maybe 10 or so inches.  I hope I can find some for other holidays.  I only got one for Thanksgiving.

I doubled up on my socks and now my feet are toasty warm :)  Have been trying to fight off a headache that I have had for a couple of days.  Its not real bad just niggling in the back of my head and neck.  Hurts to turn too fast.  Tried stretching it out and it did help some.  I hate Arthur I wish he would just go away.  He's a pain in my neck!  giggle...

We have a flat on our truck and DH is going to go on his day off and get it fixed.  Hope we dont need to buy another one.  This one has gone flat before. 

I will have the house decorated by this weekend.  There I said it.  It's written right here...I cannot get out of it now. 

Talk to ya later!


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