Sunday, December 13, 2009

The lights are up!

Yes finally!  and I even put up tinsel outside as well!  Will wonders ever cease to exist.  Now to clean the house and wrap presents and then I will be ready for the parents to come.  They cant come before I get everything clean  DH is fighting a sore throat and not to grumpy actually which is surprising.  I hope I dont get it.  It was misting today and overcast.  I am cleaning out my Christmas decorations and getting rid of some of this stuff.  I cant believe how much I have.  Had to yell at Penny and Tikki.  They wanted to get up under and into the tree.  I only have a 4' one up.  Then Penny decided to play with her ball underneath the tree and around the back of the tree.  See me rolling my eyes...cats!  I finished a pair of socks for DH and he loved them and actually wore them to work.  I am half way finished with one sock so he will have another pair soon.  I'm still working on THE KIMONO SWEATER.  I typed that in all caps because IT IS BIG!  A lot of knitting and purling and sighing cause it's kind of boring.  It's all one piece and I knit and I knit and I knit and it just doesnt seem to be getting as long as it should be.  I dont know what I am doing wrong.  Next time I am going to do one on one of my knitting machines.  It will be so much faster.

Talk to ya later!


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