Sunday, January 3, 2010

picture time!

Here are some pics that I have been saving on my camera until now.  Yes since September if you can believe that.  New Year = New resolutions such as getting the pics off of the camera in a timely fashion!

Here is a pic of my chandelier in the dining room that hubby and I put up.  All crystals and everything, isnt it wonderful?

Here is the ginger jam and lime jam that I tried to do.   It didnt gel...grrr.  But it makes a wonderful topping for ice cream!  The lime jam is really good not really sour at all probably because I reprocessed it after this pic was taken and added some more sugar and it still didnt gel.  See me rolling my eyes?

This is the yarn owl I won online at Sweater  You open up the little snaps and put the yarn in there, snap it back up and can hang it off of your wrist or belt.  Really cool product.  You can find them on Etsy.

Here's the artist's info.

Here is our homemade sauerkraut.  DH shredded all the cabbage for me and then we sprinkled it with salt, stuffed it in a large glass jar (all we had) and topped it off with a kitchen bag filled with water.  It turned out great.  If you have never had homemade sauerkraut give it a try.  It is sooooo much better than store bought.

Finally the dilly beans that I canned.
They turned out all right!  Although I found out after I had made them that DH does not like them.  Oh well more for me! lol.

This is Molly "helping" DH with the oat bucket.  DH rolls his own oats for his morning oatmeal.

I will be posting more pics as I find the time so stay tuned!

Talk to ya later!


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