Friday, January 22, 2010

Same stuff different day

Well sorta.  We got up early.  DH had off and wanted Mickey D's.  Yuck.  I didnt eat any.  I got donuts at Publix.  Am I bad or what?  Ohhhh they are sooooo goood.  But DH got sick afterwards and said this was the absolutely last time he was going to Mickey D's to eat.  We try not to eat a lot of bad stuff here at the house and his system is just not set up to take all that grease.  I dont fry things too often.  It makes such a mess in the kitchen.  I have decided to give up all baked goods unless I make them here at the house...hope this works :)  I got some groceries at Publix while I was there.  He sat in the truck and ate his breakfast.  He likes to watch the people and doesnt want to go into the store as he works in a grocery store.

We then went and got milk from our local milk woman.  She would like that I said that I'm sure.  She is getting a new cow to milk as she had one die over Christmas.  Poor thing had a twisted gut.  We got our milk and some honey.  We've decided to give up processed sugar and try living with honey as our only sweetner.

Then we came home and he went on a bike ride and I sat down and started to type.  I didnt work yesterday as we had bad storms come through and a tornado even touched down in Huntsville.  I'm afraid I'll lose my computer if it gets zapped so usually dont work during bad storms.  No sense in tempting fate.

We need to get a new toaster oven.  The one we have now (Oster) is smoking when it gets up to a high temp and setting the fire alarm off.  Scares the bejebers out of me and the cats when it goes off.  It's worse than the weather radio honestly ;)  I have cleaned it and it still smokes so I think it has had it.  We still are using it for toast.  It doesnt seem to smoke when you do toast.  It's a good size cause we can do pizza and not heat up the big oven.  Which isnt bad in the winter but in the summer it really sucks!  And of course if one thing goes bad then something else goes as well.  I think the rice cooker is going too.  No shame in either of them cause we used the heck out of them.  DH set the timer on the rice cooker and it went off about a couple of minutes later not the 45 minutes he had programmed.  It did that to me before but I just thought I hadnt set it right.

I got DH an early birthday gift.  He wanted a waffle maker.  Not an ordinary one either.  He wanted a cast iron one.  I had to look around.  I even looked on Ebay.  I found a brand new one on Lehman's.  They have a lot of old fashioned stuff on there.  If you have a chance check them out. Hope the link works!

I ordered some things from Nancy Zieman's site too.  They were running a special.  If you bought something you got a surprise embroidery sewing thread collection.  Wow.  They are beautiful colors.  Cant wait to try them on my new (old) embroidery machine I got off of Ebay.  I bought a skirt kit.  The cloth colors are lovely.  Now to find the time to sew.  I am getting near to finishing the two sweaters I have been working on.  Then on to finishing a pair of socks I started for DH and then there are about a dozen other things I started and havent finished including sewing, counted cross stitch, knitting, crocheting and rug making.  I really want to finish up some of my projects before I start anything new.  It's my goal for this year. 

Hope you have a goal that's reachable!

Talk to ya later!



  1. "We then went and got milk from our local milk woman."

    I need one of those! :) REAL MILK is so gooood...

  2. It is isnt it! Ask around and you may be able to find one. That's how we found ours.


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