Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And the cold continues!

It was actually down to 11 degrees this morning.  We are supposed to get snow accumulation on Thursday.  Will keep you posted. 

Here are some pics from November.  We went to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens Christmas Light Walking Tour on the 12th.  If you have the chance to go, I would highly recommend it. 

Here are the socks I completed for DH.  I call them the Tiger socks for obvious reasons.  It is an Opal yarn I got off of Ebay.  I tried to get them done for Halloween but didnt make it.  They have a different heel on them that you do without picking up stitches.  You just keep increasing on the side and then decrease.  Very easy and fast too!

They are actually black and orange.  Color didnt turn out right on this pic though. You can see the heel.

Just had to include a pic of Penny.  She always wants to play or get some kind of attention!  Here she is on "her" chair.  She was trying to help me put the Christmas tablecloth on the table.

Ok now the lines arent centered.  Dont know why that seems to be happening.  Will post more pics soon.

Talk to ya later!


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