Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Kind of blah out.  I didnt sleep very much last night so took a nap and feel better now.  I am trying to get rid of most of the cookbooks I have by going through them and writing down the recipes I like on index cards cause I really have too many books.  Did I mention that I took over 10 bags of books to the library over the summer.  10 bags.  Really.  And not the small plastic bags either.  They were the fabric reusable grocery bags from Kroger and Publix and they were stuffed to the top.  I also went through my Christmas decorations  and got rid of half of that stuff too.  Now to go through my craft items and see what to keep and what to give away.  After we lost everything in a flood, I kind of went wacky buying stuff and now just have too much stuff! 

Anyway today I am typing or at least trying to get some of the dictation done.  I really just want to curl up with my knitting and a hot cup of tea but the cats need food...and so do we too lol. 

On the knitting front, I have just the fronts to finish on my kimono cardigan, it's going slow because I dont think I will have enough yarn to finish it.  Keep your fingers crossed that I do cause I really like the yarn.  And I am on the back of the little lace vest (that might become a sweater if it doesnt watch out cause you know sleeves just attach themselves to anything and everything ;)

That's it for today.

Talk to ya later!


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