Friday, January 8, 2010

Work was closed today

because of icy conditions and the severe wind chill didnt help either.  Probably I wont make my line count but oh well.  We got a total of about an inch on the ground.  DH did make it home yesterday but it did take him a while.  Since the cats needed food and DH was off today, we went to the grocery store which was open and then went to pick up milk but she was not open so no milk.  Will have to call her tomorrow and see if she actually got milk to sell.  Since the roads were so bad on Thursday I figured that she might not have made it to the farm where her cows were to milk them.  We so hope that she does not go out of business.  Dont think we can drink store bought.  It was 11 degrees when I got up this morning and actually got up to a high of 19 woo hoo!  This is the first time that they actually closed down work.  They dont close down unless the arsenal is closed and the arsenal actually closed down.  So we just kind of loafed around today and DH goes to work tomorrow.  I have a few patient's dictations to do but not many so decided to take the day off and do them tomorrow when he is not here.  Nice to spend some uninterupted time together.  Will download those snow pics I took later, now off to get supper!

Talk to ya later!


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