Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I think I am done

with my Christmas shopping that is!  I ordered some things off the internet and they are slowly coming in.  Now to get up my decorations and get everything wrapped.  I am going to go through all my decorations too and get rid of a lot of stuff.  If I can.  Amazing how much stuff you can accumulate and get attached to.  I tried to do this with my yarn but...  You can finish the sentence.   Yeah I didnt get rid of much...:)

I am going to try to post something every day this month.  Think I can do it?  I am lousy at writing back to people too so we will see.  I might even get some pics posted...maybe. 

I tried to send a pic to the girls at work but the powers that be have decided you cant send pics unless it is an attachment...so I had to resend it as an attachment.  You would think that this would be a bad thing to open up an attachment.  Guess not. 

I got a new calendar the other day full of cross stitch.  I havent been doing much cross stitch lately, well actually this year but the calendar is inspiring and might have to get out my floss, fabric and needles and make some of the things in the calendar.

It has been weird weather here.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow and was kinda cloudy out today but the temps have been in the 50's.  DH has off tomorrow and was hoping to get out on his bike until I looked in the paper and they said it was 100% chance of rain.  Maybe it will rain early tomorrow or really late tomorrow so he can get out.  It calms him down and me too...It is such an uproar when he is home all day and I am used to quiet with me and just the cats most days.

Talk to ya later!


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