Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow in Alabama

I think there is a song in that title!  It snowed last night and we got about 1/8 of an inch maybe.  DH had to work today and there were some people who called off...hmmm.  Icy driveways they said...hmmm.  It was 27 when I got up this morning and we might have had maybe 45 as a high so by mid morning most of the snow was gone.  Since it was Saturday and a game day there weren't too many people driving up and down our street.  I guess Alabama won.  I didnt watch it but the neighbors did and you could hear them hollering. 

My feet are so cold even with my wool socks on.  Might have to double up on them tonight.  Yeah I know its not as cold here as it is up north but our floor is a concrete slab and you know that is cold.  We lit the fireplace last night just cause.  It was nice. 

Hope everyone keeps warm tonight!

Talk to ya later!


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