Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sunny day today!

Yes I really need to start doing this more often. Life just seems to be getting in the way though. ;0) Since this blog is supposed to have knitting on it, here is a pic of some socks I finished a while back. They were made with leftovers that I purchased on Ebay. Nothing fancy just plain socks. I made them over a year or two ago and they are holding up really well. The bottom part is Austermann step but I'm not really sure what the top is.

I will try to take pics of the other things I have made now that I have figured out my camera working with Vista.

On the 2nd of February I took these pics...

This is our spinach garden, lol. I just wanted everyone to see it does actually snow here. This is our accumulation which lasted oh about a couple of hours before the sun melted it.

This is a pic outside my backdoor. See the snow? wooohooo! Good thing I dont have to drive to work huh? Course everyone was at the grocery store the night before this big storm getting bread and milk. You think I'm kidding but I'm totally serious.
Well all for now here in Alabama.

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