Friday, February 27, 2009

Well I'm back again! Miss me? course ya did! Yesterday I went out for lunch with some of my buds. We went to a Greek restaurant and it was very good food and the company was wonderful. We are going to try to get together in March again.

After lunch I went with my friend Kathy to get some baby clothes at consignment yard sale type thingy. They had anything you might need for babies and toddlers. I helped her pick out some great clothes for her grandbaby. I have posted a picture before of Megan on here see below. It was fun looking at all the little bitty clothes and was especially great since I wasn't spending any of my money to do it :) lol.

After we were done Kathy dropped me off at my car and on the way home I stopped at Big Lots. They had some Looza juice so I got some of that. You never know what you are going to find when you go in.

I have taken some new photos. I think I am finally getting the hang of the digital camera although you have to forgive some of the pics as we are having overcast weather here. Today it has been raining. I went down to get the mail and pick up my morning paper and yes the paper was soaked again. The plastic they have covering it always seems to leak. Anyway here are some pics.

The first one is of an African violet I got for cheap at Home Depot. It is different from my other one that I have. Can't have too many plants. Well maybe if there is nowhere to sit or stand you should back off on the plants but other than that...

The next two are of our seedlings. These have gotten big enough to be out of the little domed house they were in and be put out on the windowsill in our kitchen. We just got another set of seed pellets so another 72 seedlings!

Here are two pics of a little beaded purse I did some time ago. As you can see it needs finished with a lining and a cord handle. It is beaded with delicas.

Here is a pic of the socks I did for myself. These were the first pair of lacy ones I did. The picture isn't true to the colors though sorry about that. They are blue, gray and white Opal. They have been very long wearing and although I wasnt too crazy about the color after I was finished I just love them. They go with a lot of different colors.

This is a pair I started for myself but found the pattern did not stretch enough for my fat ankles :( so my husband said that he would wear them. He has such little chicken and loves bright colors. I need to get a pic on here of him wearing the hat I made him. He even went to the yarn store and picked out the colors.

These are some of his purple socks. They are very soft.

These are his blue multi-striped ones.

And these are the austermann ones that I call his autumn socks. Love those fall colors.

And this is the last photo for today. This is a little MP3 player sock I made out of some sock remnants. It is a very soft blue varigated. It even has a little pocket for the earphones. I need to put a cord on it but it works quite well protecting it and the cords from curious kitties.

Well that's all for now hope to have more later this next week to talk about.


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