Wednesday, May 25, 2016

new house pics

I never did post any of the pictures of my new house. I took these before I moved in.

This the driveway.  I have some really interesting plantings all over.

This is the front of the house.  See the bush just to the right, it's going to be cut down.  There are three of them and they are huge and take up half the sidewalk.  This house was built in the 60's and these bushes might be that old :)

In the back of this picture you can see my little picnic area.  It's a covered area with a cement floor.  It came with the table and chairs.  I'm not far off the highway but it's really quiet there.

Yes I got a clothesline!  It's not the best but will do for a while and I have my umbrella clothesline as well that I have to put up yet.

This is the back of the house.  The little white building is the well house. It's not working right now but in a few years I hope to get it up and running again (when I have the money). The chaise came with the house.  The small tree on the right is actually two lilacs, one white and one lavender.  The screen in the back of the well house is a clematis vine and honeysuckle.  I even had a little hummingbird tasting the honeysuckle the other day.  

Here is the parking garage.  

This is the second bathroom.  The metal rectangle is an old heating system that is still in the house.  I'm not going to use it since there is a newer system so I need to find someone to take this out and patch all the holes.  Every room has one of these even the kitchen....  

Here is the den walls.  This is the actual wood paneling.  Not that cheap stuff this is tongue in groove paneling.  It's so pretty.  

A built in bookcase in the den.  It's full now ;)

Here is my kitchen.  As you can see, it has not been updated since the house was built.  The fridge is from the 60's and still works great.  The house also came with a washer and dryer which would be on the left just out of this picture.  I'm not crazy about having the washer and dryer in the kitchen but this house only has a crawl space.  I think maybe I'll reconfigure the master bath and put them in there.  

Here is the dining room.  Not really big room but big enough for the table, four chairs and a couple of storage pieces. 

Here is the living room.  There are hardwood floors throughout but the den and bedrooms have new carpeting in them.  When the carpeting wears out, out it goes.  I would much rather have wood floors.  Notice the light in here.  My realtor tried to beg me for it.  Nope it stays forever.  There are some really unique features here. 

Here is the bedroom that my mom will be using.  She's coming to live with me in July.  It has a big closet and a ceiling fan.  I didn't realize until after I had moved in that the fan pull is a hummingbird, my mother's favorite bird.  She is bringing hummingbird curtains.  How wonderful is that.  And unplanned too!

Here is the master bath.  The cabinet on the right is really long.  When I get the washer and dryer out of the kitchen that is where I would put them.  There is also a cabinet on the wall above this where I store my toilet paper and towels.  The sinks are really low.  I'll have to have them raised although they are the right height if you are in a wheelchair.  That is real tile on the walls.  I think they put a lot of money in this house when it was built.  No cheap things here.  The flooring is really interesting.  It's linoleum but a real nice pattern.  

Here is my bedroom.  There is another bedroom that I made into a craft room.  I didn't realize I had so much crafty stuff.  I'll have to weed out some of it cause my mom crafts also and is bringing her stuff with her.  That's all the pics on the house for now.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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  1. What a nice piece of property you have bought. There are many things you could incorporate into the landscape as it looks to be quite spacious. I like the perks of the homes interior, such as the wood paneling and flooring. The light in the living room is a gem, and the few interior changes you make are going to be a plus.


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