Friday, May 27, 2016

Pillows with zippers

I had gotten a crochet pillow kit and finishing it up kind of freaked me out.  It had a zipper that needed to go in it.  I had to supply the zipper myself, it was not in the kit.  But here is how I did it.

I sewed it in!  Yep all by hand.  It actually did not take me that long to do.

I lined it up and sewed in one side with the teeth just on the very edge of the crochet and then unzipped it and sewed the other side in the same way.

see you can barely see the zipper when it is closed.  By the way I couldn't find a zipper long enough in lavender so went with a cream color.  It doesn't show so no problem!

Here is the pillow.  It's beautiful.  I got the kit from Herrschner's.  The kit didn't come with the zipper or pillow form just the yarn and pattern.

and here is a better pic with more exact color of the pillow

this second photo is a little washed out but you can see the stitches.

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