Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Updated new chickie pics

These pics were all from 3/26
This is Matilda.  She discovered that she could fly to the top of the box and be above everyone.
Close up of Matilda
Yikes run for the corner!
Yep I'm the queen and I get to poop outside the box...

These pics are from 4/8 below
Chickens outside!

They were scared to go in the chicken coop and then were scared to come out...silly girls
View from inside the coop.  Since we have them outside eating all the grass and clover they want we havent been going through much feed.
Their door to outside...see Lettie doesnt want to go out...
Matilda and Lucy...Matilda is hanging around for a hug which she got after this pic.
Running in the shade

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