Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gross just gross...

I think I found the grossest thing.  I couldnt understand why our garbage can was smelling soooo bad.  It is stainless steel with a plastic liner and I use garbage  bags in it all the time.  So yesterday I decided to get to the bottom of the smell.  I pulled out the garbage bag and took that liner over to wear I could see it (it's black and hard to see to the bottom of it).  I dont know what was there but it STUNK bad.  So I took it outside and sprayed it out.  All that stink was from...wait for old chicken wing bone...ewww.  It looked kind of like an old mummy, a stinky wet old mummy.  I let the liner sit with water in it to soak overnight and this morning it smelled so good.  Course anything would smell good after that. 

The things you find when you look...LOL. 

I need to put the garbage can on a regular cleaning schedule...


  1. We do tend to forget the garbage cans. Trish

  2. I had the same thing with my outside can. Finally figured out the youngest emptied out the eggs that did not hatch from the incubator in the trash can. Wow, what a smell.

  3. Yes we do Trish.

    MDR I think that would even stink worse than what I had since it was outside. Mine was near the cat litter boxes which is probably why I didnt notice the smell so bad but still I have no excuse for letting it go for so long.


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