Sunday, October 23, 2011

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I have to agree with her on this.  It just irritates me when I see people say that they have to stop at fast food restaurants because they cant afford to buy real food in the supermarket...  It is really easy to fix meals at home and it's not cheaper to buy fast food.  Food tastes better when you make it yourself and if you think that the produce is more expensive in the supermarket then grow your own veggies.  It's not hard.  Anyone can do it.  You dont have a backyard just grow some veggies in a pot on your back porch or front porch. You would be surprised how it tastes.  Supermarket veggies taste like cardboard.  I guarantee if you taste a real tomato that you've raised yourself or bought from a local farmer you will  be amazed at how it tastes.  As for the ones who say they have no time to cook, I really dont think you have time to be in the doctor's office either.  You get more vitamins from food you cook yourself.  That fast food that you love guess what,  it doesnt spoil.  Take a burger and let it hang out a while.  You'll see.  It doesnt mold.  You're putting that in your body.  Gross!  The cheese isnt real cheese.  And if you grow your own food you wont have to worry about salmonella.  It just makes sense to grow your own.

This is just my opinion, any one else have anything to say about this?  Just leave a comment - glad to hear from all of you out there! ;)

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