Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I felt like Dorothy...

Well  not quite but almost.  The tornadoes tore through here on Friday.  They do sound like freight trains or jet planes ask me how I know.  Yep it came close just down the road about a mile in fact.  They didnt declare it a federal disaster area so all those folks will not be getting help from the government to rebuild.  The official numbers for the tornadoes were F1 to F2.  Not as bad as April and it seemed to jump over fields and go right into the rural areas.  I had to go to therapy again today and the roads were open when I left but coming back I had to detour around some roads as they were taking down trees and loading them on trucks.  Just down the road several cement telephone poles were laying down.  The winds just ripped them down.  We lost electric for about 10 hours but that is nothing like losing your entire house.  Several schools were damaged and we lost an entire restaurant down the main highway.  It's just gone, poof like it was never there.  Mother Nature is really having a bad year this year.  This is early for tornadoes and the most in one day that we have ever had since we moved here.  Guess what?  There's another batch of storms rolling in on this Friday.  I think I need to make a nice little place in the closet again ;)

Hope everyone stays safe this year!

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  1. I'm glad you are okay. Gosh that weather sounds terrible.


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