Thursday, September 13, 2012


It's been a while huh?  Well here are some pics for your viewing pleasure and some updates as well.

I had planted walking onions this year and these are the top set onions I had left over after replanting them again this fall.  I thought I would use them in soups.   They kind of look like pearl onions don't they?  I just froze them.  Took me a while to peel these because they are so small.

Here are the sloppy joes that I canned.  Boy are they yummy.  I also canned some regular meat sauce too.

When you have a cat and a box...well you know what happens LOL.  Here is the pic without flash, can you see Tikki?

and here he is with the flash.  

Oooh isn't he spooky LOL.  By the time I took this pic he was ready to get out of the box realizing that he isn't invisible after all ;)

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