Friday, May 31, 2013

Garden pics #2

Peas two months ago.

Potatoes and cabbage two months ago

Lavender (needing weeding - I so hate weeding)
Ok so I thought this was the lilac Mom gave me a  few years ago, but no, it's actually a smoke tree I got on clearance.  See what happens when hubby chops down things that are planted...It's full on top and 

full on bottom but look what's that yes It has a empty middle.  Pics taken two months ago and 

one month ago.  I'll have to get some more pics cause right now it's really purdy.  And it actually is filling in with branches in the middle.  It will look really good when we sell...drat.  

These are some of the little flowers that are "weeds".  I think they look like miniature periwinkles.  Any one know for sure what they are?

And these were growing across from the cabin.  The almost looked like sweet peas but no scent.  Any ideas?

And these were growing along the road.  They are a little different from the other blue flowers.  These almost look like they might be related to Edelweiss.  

These flags were growing along the road by the cabin too.

And now for some dogwoods that grow in our woods.  

These are paperwhites, they 

were all over along the sides of the road.

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