Thursday, October 16, 2014

I haven't updated here since August so here goes...

a stray dog showed up, I fed her and she stayed. I named her Duchess.

my oldest cat Roxy went outside into the woods and never came back. I figured the weasel got him.

another stray dog showed up, I fed him and he stayed. His name is Buddy.

my female cat, Penny, went outside into the woods and never came back. I think the weasel also got her.

my uncle Gene was diagnosed with cancer before my husband lost his battle and died in September.

I got my well dug but am saving for a pump.

my aunt Jean died. She was 92 and not the wife of the uncle who died.

I got a propane gas tank and heater installed. Just waiting for my cook stove from Sears.

And that's about all that's happened since August. I think I need a nap LOL.

I'm hanging in there. Each day is a little brighter. It will be hard during the holidays.


  1. Hi Denise,
    It's so good to see you back on your blog. We lost a cat 3 days ago. Could have been a fisher cat or coyote...we found a cat that had been hit real bad near our drive. She couldn't move her back end and we didn't expect she would make it over night. We had her in the shed with the coop and every morning I checked on her she got a little better. Now (a month later) she's in the house, but she won't leave the dining room. She's the sweetest cat and know one claimed her so my youngest son named her Starlight today. I asked him why and of course it makes sense, she's all black!
    I thought you couldn't get a well dug. I'm glad you got it done and don't have to find another place. Did you sell your house in Alabama? I hope so. You've been in my prayers. I'm glad to hear you were sent 2 angels that needed a home. They are lucky they found you! Have a good week.


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