Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dr. Quinn show shawls...

 I have to admit I've been watching the entire six seasons of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman on Amazon Prime.  Love the series but one thing realllllllllly bugs me.  That's that shawl that is on the left....Reallly bugs me.  Not that I don't love the shawl but it is NOT historically accurate.  Multi-color yarn (variegated) was not invented until 1960!  Every time the actress wears this, it makes me cringe.  I looked online and apparently no one else noticed this.  There are a few other shawls that were not accurate as well.   I guess I'm too picky as the show had a lot of things that were not historically accurate.  I hate it when watching a movie or TV show that is supposed to be set in another time and the costumes aren't correct.  What are your views on this?  Does this shawl bother anyone else?  or is it just me LOL.

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