Tuesday, January 20, 2009

first blog

Well now this is the first blog for me so bear with me until I get used to this. I love crafts not just knitting and have been doing crafts just about my whole life. My mom loves crafts as well and is a very hands on type of person. My grandmothers did a lot of needlecrafts. I learned to knit in high school. I learned to read patterns by myself as my one grandmother didnt knit and my mom didnt read patterns either. My aunt helped me a lot when I got stuck but basically learned techniques on my own. I did have another aunt who just had a kaniption (spelling) when I woudn't hold the yarn "correctly". Sorry but I have a stubborn streak and hate when people tell me I can't do something just makes me want to go out and prove them wrong. She told me that I wouldn't get the correct gauge. Silly woman! Winding the yarn all around my fingers was just aggravating and so I dont hold my yarn that way. My other aunt was Ok with anything I did. She said it didnt matter how you held your yarn just so long as you could make something nice. I miss them both. One died of kidney cancer and the other of brain cancer.

I just depressed myself...give me a moment.

Anyway I've been knitting a lot lately for Socks for Soldiers and of course have many UFO's to finish. If I can find the instructions...you know how it is, you wait too long to get back to a project and find that you can't find parts of it cause you cleaned it all up for company and cant remember where you put it all.

That should be enough for my first post dontcha think? I will try to post often but make no promises. Hope you enjoy the journey with me! :)

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