Friday, January 23, 2009

Looks like it's going to rain

I'm back! Sorry for the intermission. I went to lunch on Wednesday with my friend Kathy at the Indian restaurant. The food was sooooo good! We talked and talked. We got there about 11 and didnt leave until 1. I think the waitress really thought we werent going to leave :) She kept coming around asking us if we needed more drinks. We're thinking about meeting up (me and Kathy not the waitress lol) at the library once a week or so and bringing stuff to do and show each other our completed projects. Kathy thinks I should teach other people to knit. Not sure about that though. I'm not very patient and would probably bite the person's head off if they just werent getting it. Anyway after our lunch I went to Hobby Lobby (of course) and bought some baby yarn for a gift for Kathy's daughter who is due in April/May. It's really pretty - white with green, pink and tan flecks. I made her other daughter a little cardigan with cables down the front before. See how cute she looks in it!
I dont like to repeat patterns so will have to look for another one to make the next sweater.
After leaving Hobby Lobby I stopped at the local farmer's market cause my husband wanted some pecans. Good year for pecans down here, conditions were just right. I stopped but they werent open for business although the door was unlocked. The owner said he might have some next week for me though and to stop either Monday or Tuesday and he would have some for me. My husband was very disappointed...but I'll go on Tuesday and hopefully pick some up.
Didnt do much yesterday but work. We did go to the Dollar Store and I picked up a couple of movies there. We watched Iron Man again last night. I really like that film. I've noticed that a lot of films are taking themselves way too seriously and they leave out the fun. Hey if I want to be depressed I'll just read the newspaper or turn on the news on TV. I dont really want to pay for it. My husband picked up two awful movies. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT watch the Love Guru. We watched about 10-15 minutes of it and just couldnt stand it. What was Mike Myers thinking? And all the other cameo appearances with stars, I hope they got paid really well for that fiasco...yuck and double yuck, not yuk, yuk, yuk if you know what I mean. The other movie he got was Miami Vice. I warned him that it wasnt like the TV version. It was very dark and he turned it off after about a half hour. He said "I cant hear what that one guy is saying he's just mumbling" I would have to agree I mean Colin Farrell is probably a very good actor (although I dont recall anything else that I've seen with him in) but the man needs to speak up! Anyway those two movies are getting donated to charity.
Pet Peeve: Why are commercials so loud while the movies, series, etc are all the normal volume? Do they think if they turn up the volume on the commercials we'll buy more?
Signing out for now - later!

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