Friday, February 5, 2010

DH got his waffle iron

The one I got him was made in China not USA and wasnt preseasoned.  It was covered in a thin layer of paraffin wax.  So....DH decided after reading the directions (which said that you could either scrub this layer off OR heat it up in the oven and melt it off) to melt it off...Our smoke detector is really loud, you know what I mean, and the stench of melting (actually cooking) paraffin and the smoke coming from our oven was not the best thing in the world to smell before going to bed.  Who could sleep after all that excitment anyway? lol.

The next morning DH got up and decided to make waffles.  Of course he waited until lunch time.  It takes a while to think about these things you know.  So he went out and I was working not paying much attention (kind of hard with earphones on) but it started getting smoky in the room where the computer is and then I heard him kind of well let's face it swearing up a blue streak.  Seems the first waffle kind of stuck and he had to dig out the parts that didnt come out of the iron.  I ignored his swearing and kept on typing cause that's just the kind of wife I am and someone has to pay for the batteries for the smoke detector...

I gave him a good amount of time to get finished I'd say about an hour and then decided to go out into the kitchen to see what kind of waffles he actually had made.  He had cleaned up everything (his mom taught him well) and so I looked in the fridge and saw a small plate covered...hmmm.  I went to ask him how it went and he said that the first one had stuck (I figured this one out ;) and the other two came out OK but it was going to take him a while to get used to it.  TWO?!!? Yes that's right all that swearing and making the batter and he only made a total of two waffles (the first one was in pieces)  Seems he didnt make enough batter...

Oh life just keep getting better doesnt it lol.

Talk to ya later!


  1. Ouch! That isn't helpful to the ego. :D

  2. He doesnt read my blog. Really the only way to learn is to do so I let him do as much as he wants to and he does the same for me. He's getting better at the waffle making.


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