Saturday, February 13, 2010

Not much new happening here

Different day same stuff.  I did order a new dresser for myself from West Elm.  It is out of their closet collection.  Why are dressers so expensive?  I bought two three drawer units and then attached them together.  Hubby and I now have matching dressers cause I bought him one last year and really liked it.  It of course was a kit and I really like to put things like that together.  I didnt have any trouble putting either of them together and hubby helped with his and helped me lift the one unit on top of the other for mine.  They were made in Denmark and very heavy duty and well made.  If you havent checked out their website, please do so.  They have sales and sometimes free shipping.  I signed up for their emails and got free shipping on the units.  Next...we need that matching headboard.  Already got the matching bed frame.   I am repurposing my old dresser for storing linens and little kitchen appliances out in the dining room.  Last night I moved the dining table around so I could put the dresser in the corner.  I come from a long line of women who move their own furniture, paint walls, do plumbing, etc, etc, etc.  Like Gramma would say, I's a little tussy! 

Hubby is making his waffles as we speak.  First two did all right but he just came in and told me that they really stick if they burn...burn?!  I now have olive oil all over my stove along with burned waffle mix.  Gotta love him though :)

Last week I made chicken noodle soup.  We had gotten a chicken from the deli.  We eat it while it's hot and then it gets stripped of all the meat which I put in the freezer for casseroles, etc.  I used to throw out the carcasse but thought why not make chicken soup out of it.  So I boiled the carcasse after removing the meat in some water with some cut up carrots, onion and celery.  Boiled it for an hour or two and then removed some of the broth and froze that and then added more water and boiled it for another couple of hours.  When I went to remove the carcasse it was just falling apart and all that yummy goodness was in the broth.  You would be amazed at the meat that is still on the bones that you didnt get off the first time.  I didnt have to add any meat to the soup and it was kind of like a free meal.  I just added some parsley, salt and pepper and some noodles and we had it for supper.  So I figure I got at least 3-4 meals out of that one deli chicken.  Not bad not bad at all. 

Yesterday I received my new office chair and put it together.  Can you tell I love to put things together?  I'm going to keep my old chair for my sewing chair.  I made a hat for myself.  Thought I would need one for the rest of this winter and next winter when we have our chickens.  I also made myself a cowl which I wore last Saturday when I went with my friend Jennifer down to Cullman.  She needed company while she delivered one of her puppies to her new family.  They not only took the little female but took one of her brothers as well.  We actually had 5 dogs in the car going down and three coming back.  They are sooo cute when they are small. 

Well will close for now.  Hope everyone has a very Happy Valentine's Day.  And if you have off on Monday, be safe.  Remember to lift with your legs not your back ;)

Talk to ya later,


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