Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Been gone a long long time...

but I'm back at least for this post LOL.  I'm covering for people on vacation at work so blogging will be sporatic but I will be back with more photos soon!  Hope everyone had a lovely holiday and didnt gain too much weight snacking on all that wonderful homemade food.  Nothing much going on here just working and wondering how cold it can get without any ice or snow...hmmm.

Here's  an old photo from the 40's.  It has kind of crappy shadows but the people you can see from left to right are:  My aunt Dee, Great Aunt Jess, My Grandma.  The little girl in the front is my Aunt Teena.  We havent figured out who the goofy boy is in front but mom figures he's a cousin but she wasnt sure and neither was Aunt Teena.   Oh my how the mind goes after you hit 70 LOL.  Give them a few years and they will remember who it is and how he's related.  Arent the dresses they have on lovely?

Until next time, when my fingers will be nubs from all the typing I'm doing, this is Denise signing out!


  1. Hope you get a break from all that work you are doing. Loved the photo.

  2. I'll get a break from it the second week of January since my helper is off all this week coming up...I think I need a vacation LOL. Thanks for your comment Kristina!


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