Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas pictures

I thought I would post some family photos from holidays past so here we go.  Try not to make too much fun of our hair and outfits OK? LOL

This is the adult's table.  Left to right:  My Aunt Teena, my mom, Uncle Bob, Uncle Don, my dad, Aunt Dee, Aunt Jean and Uncle Gene is behind the camera.  Aunt Dee and Uncle Don are no longer with us.

This is the kid's table.  Didnt matter how old we got we had to sit at the kid's table LOL.  Left to right:  Scott (Jen's husband), Arielle (Jen's little girl), Jennifer (my cousin), my hubby, me and in front is Josh (Jen's oldest).  My brother, Jen's sister, and Linda and Pam (my other cousins).  Josh and Arielle are all grown up.  These pics were taken in the late 80's. 

I'll try to find some more.


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